Sonja Flemming/CBS

Mark Jansen From 'BB19' Is Interested In A Showmance

Big Brother 19 is finally here and it's time to meet the new houseguests. So who is Mark Jansen from Big Brother 19? The 26-year-old hails from Grand Island, New York and is ready to play the game. On his official CBS Big Brother bio, Mark says he's fun, strong, and thoughtful. He also likes lifting weights, hiking, watching movies, and relaxing on a beach. His physical strength will definitely be an asset in the house, especially for those physical competitions. Hopefully, people will see him as someone they want to align themselves with and not as a target.

Mark's biggest concern about living in the house is having to see the same people every day, but he's been in a similar situation when he studied abroad, so it's nothing he can't handle it. During Mark's cast interview, he also admitted his biggest downfall could be getting into a showmance.

As for his favorite Big Brother cast member, Mark chose Brendon Villegas, who placed sixth in Season 12 and ninth in Season 13. Mark notes liking that Brendon stuck with his partner Rachel Reilly during both seasons. Brendon and Rachel are now married and they had the first "Big Brother baby," Adora, last year.

Mark's current strategy for winning is to "try and read people and relate with everybody." He also says he'll "be real" and won't get "caught up in stories," instead choosing to "earn people's trust and keep it." However, during his cast interview, he also said it really depends on who else lives in the house and what they're like. "I'm really excited to see the people I'm going to live with and interact with every day," he said. "It all depends."

If he could, Mark would take a pair of Jordan's, protein, and his iPod into the house. His fun facts include loving chess (which apparently he's really good at), being a Division 1 football player, and going to a NFL regional combine, which means he was basically scouted for the NFL. He and BB18 star Natalie Negrotti should chat about their experiences with the NFL. (Natalie was a cheerleader for the New York Jets.)

Though his career in the NFL didn't pan out, Mark is now a personal trainer, which he enjoys because of his love for working out, as he said in his cast interview.

You can meet Mark and the rest of the Big Brother 19 ensemble when the season premieres on CBS at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday, June 28.