Craig Sjodin/ABC

Fans Don't Know Who Matt Is On 'The Bachelorette'

by Chrissy Bobic

On Tuesday's episode of The Bachelorette, Rachel announced that from here on out, all of the eliminations are going to be hard on her and that she's been narrowing the men down to those she can see a real future with. Somehow that leaves one of the guys who's slipped under the radar quite a bit, leaving fans to ask, who is Matt from The Bachelorette? The contestant was the guy in a penguin costume on the season premiere, but he's much more than that first impression.

The 32-year-old construction sales rep might not even be recognizable without the costume that he wore in the premiere in order to stand out, but obviously he and Rachel hit it off in a big enough way to keep him around until the halfway mark this season. At the very least, he's likely a Bachelor fan, since he dressed up like a penguin after Rachel wore some adorable penguin pajamas near the end of The Bachelor last season. But judging by his Instagram, Matt is also someone who puts his family and friends above pretty much everything else.

Even so, fans may wonder about who Matt is on The Bachelorette every week, since with each group date he goes on, he manages to not stand out too much. To the point where some completely forgot he was still on the show.

If you recall, Matt was on the basketball group date early in the season, but likely because of his lack of dramatics or fighting with the other men, he hasn't had much screen time. Matt even captioned a photo on Instagram of himself from the basketball date with: "When you're so focused on the game that your point guard @diggymoreland can't get your attention & you forget to talk for the entire next episode." We see you, Matt. We're just not all sure who you are every time we do.

Matt's Instagram, though short on much content, does show how much family means to The Bachelorette contestant. On one photo, he called his younger sister his "number 1 fan" and gave a Mother's Day shoutout to his mom: "She always has my back but doesn't hesitate to give me a kick in the ass if need be. I'd be lost without you mom. Happy Mother's Day."

But like some of the other contestants this season and like Rachel herself, Matt owns a dog he's obviously pretty close to. So maybe he and Rachel have already bonded over that, but it just didn't make it to air?

Every time Rachel calls out Matt's name at a rose ceremony, you still have fans asking who he is, but The Bachelorette contestant has obviously made a legit impression on her to still be around at this point in the season.