Sonja Flemming/CBS

Megan Lowder From 'BB19' Isn't Here To Make Friends

There’s no denying that after a while, the Big Brother game gets to you, especially since you’re living under the same roof as the people you’re competing against for the grand prize of half a million dollars. But contestant Megan Lowder seems to already know that getting emotional in the house can only lead to your downfall. So who is Megan Lowder from Big Brother 19? She definitely seems confident right off the bat.

The houseguest — who hails from Phoenix, Arizona and lists her occupation as being a dog walker — knows exactly what she needs to do in the house to go far, even if that means playing a villainous type of role throughout the season. In her Big Brother bio, Megan said that the three adjectives that best describe her are "cunning, smart, and beautiful because I'm confident like that." When she spoke to Jeff Schroeder in her first Big Brother on-screen interview, she admitted to being something of a Big Brother superfan and that she’s been watching the series for a long time.

That being said, she also revealed her plan of staying under the radar at first if she needs to. And because Megan is "too much of a flirt," there could be a showmance in her future for strategic reasons, or just a few 'flirtmances' to keep her on everyone’s good side.

She also seems to have a pretty detailed strategy already made for how she plans to make it to the end and — spoiler alert — she’s not afraid to play dirty. "I would find the biggest guy in there and make him my gym buddy," Megan said in her bio, adding:

Once we are allies, I would start gathering a strong team I know can win comps and keep them close. After we start picking off the Houseguests we don't like, I would start spreading false info and make sure no one knows it came from me. At the same time, there is always that whiny, crying girl that just can't handle the pressures of the house. I would make her my friend and my secret ally. This is the only person in the house I will be loyal to. I'll take her to Final 2 and, since she didn't do anything the whole time, I'll win.

Obviously it’s hard to say if that will actually work out for Megan, but it says a lot about her competitive side to already have such a detailed plan in place. And according to her Instagram, that competitive side is no joke. As she said in her Big Brother bio, she’s a gamer, and on social media there are even photos of Megan playing World of Warcraft.

OK, so battling against blood elves might not be the same thing as having to deal with sneaky houseguests, but it’s clear that Megan plays all things to win and I feel like she could end up going pretty far.