Eric McCandless/ABC

There's A Reason Milo Manheim's Mom Looked Familiar

by Chrissy Bobic

At 17, Milo Manheim is the youngest Dancing With the Stars contestant this season. And just as if it was a high school football game or little league tournament, you had to expect that his mom would show up to show her support at some point. Those who thought that Milo's mother looked a little familiar may be wondering: who is Milo Manheim’s mom? She was in the Dancing With The Stars audience Monday night to support her son — causing plenty of fans to gasp at their TVs and shout, "Wait so that's Milo Manheim's mom?"

Camryn Manheim is a successful actress and has been in a lot of TV over the years. She’s probably most well-known for her roles on The Practice and Ghost Whisperer, but more recently she was cast in Living Biblically. Despite having a busy career herself, she has also made supporting her a son a priority and, according to Hollywood Life, she gave him some advice prior to DWTS Season 27.

"She is telling me to be myself, and she is telling me [that] when the judges say something it might be something that appears to be mean, but they’re actually just helping out," Milo told the outlet following Week 1 of DWTS. "I really am listening to what they are saying, and I am definitely going to work on it. She just motivates me to work even harder."

So far this season, her support and advice has paid off. Milo earned a combined score of 27 Monday night and in the first week, he received a total score of 26, which is impressive for the first dance of the season.

As for Milo himself, other than American Housewife, he is known for the Disney Channel Original Movie, Zombies and around the time it premiered in February, Camryn was quick to show her support then too.

She told Access Live that she’d already seen the movie multiple times and gushed over how proud she was that he’d gotten the first movie role he'd ever auditioned for. She was like every other mom watching their kid perform in a play or at a sports game and she’s probably Milo’s number one cheerleader right now. "He grew up on sets and that’s what he loves to do," Camryn said. When he was a toddler, she took him to set at work and during his high school years, he’d performed in dozens of musicals, so it's no wonder he's an actor now.

In Milo’s DWTS package on Monday night’s episode, Camryn said that he’d always been theatrical and that "he was meant to do this." And when she was shown in the audience, she looked every bit the proud mama she obviously is. She’s still a busy actress, but it looks like she’ll never not have time to cheer her son on and support him as he embarks on the start of his own acting career.

And judging by social media, Camryn and Milo have the kind of mother-son relationship I could only hope to have with my five-year-old when he’s all grown up. Meaning I hope he still wants to hang out with me and isn't tired of my awful mom jokes by then. Camryn posted a Mother’s Day photo from an old magazine photo shoot with Milo as a toddler and wrote, "To my incredibly charming, talented, smart and hilarious son. You may have outgrown my lap, but you will never outgrow my heart." Seriously, these two.

As long as Milo’s scores continue to top the DWTS leader board this season, I expect to see Mama Manheim cheering from the sidelines. Aw.