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Nema Vand Probably Isn't Dating Anyone On 'Shahs Of Sunset'

There’s nothing like a couple of new cast members to shake things up on an already dramatic reality show. But that’s what Nema and his sister Mona Vand have done so far this season on Shahs of Sunset, especially when it comes to Nema and his infatuation with Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi. But who is Nema Vand dating now, outside of Shahs of Sunset? He might be single for the first time in years.

So far this season, viewers have seen Nema almost kiss GG and then tell his longtime girlfriend, Erica Saunders, about it. And, as to be expected, it didn't go over too well with her. She told Nema that because of the almost kiss, she wanted to take a break from their relationship. And in a promo that Nema posted on Instagram for Thursday’s Shahs of Sunset, Erica shows up unexpectedly at Mona’s birthday party. Under her name on the screen it says "Nema’s ex-girlfriend," so it's safe to say that they really did break things off after Nema came clean to her.

Of course that potentially leaves the door open for Nema and GG to pursue something together. But it looks like they’re just friends at the moment. "Nema's a sweetheart," she recently told Entertainment Tonight. "I think we have a roller coaster of a situation the entire season, but it starts out with an extremely bold move on his behalf, which was to try and make out with me, like, four or five hours after meeting me." She also told ET that she’s not even really looking for a relationship right now, as her divorce becomes finalized. Since that leaves out the two women currently in Nema’s life, chances are he’s doing the single thing for right now.

Regardless of where Nema and Erica stand, however, she and Mona seem to remain good friends. Under Nema’s Instagram post about Mona’s birthday party, Mona replied to some fans who asked why she invited her brother’s ex. Referring to Erica, Mona replied, "She’s my BFF so I invited her to my b-day." Under a photo that Erica posted the other day on her own Instagram, Mona left a comment telling Erica to listen to her on satellite radio and the two went back and forth a little bit, as friends do.

So even if Nema and Erica are done for good, which they seem to be, she may still be coming around because of her friendship with Mona. It may not be the best case scenario for Nema, especially if he starts seeing someone new — but it would probably make for good TV.

Outside of the show, Nema hasn’t said much about any new woman in his life, much less a relationship. But he and Erica no longer follow each other on Instagram.

Going back further on his Instagram, there is evidence that he and Erica were dating since at least 2015. So even if he did almost throw that away to kiss a virtual stranger, it was still a long-term and serious relationship.

It's entirely possible that Nema is seeing someone who isn't even a part of the show, and that he's keeping it under wraps until the season is over. Given his flirting with GG and then breakup with Erica, that wouldn't be the worst idea in the world. Until Nema himself introduces a new girlfriend to the world, though, it's safe to say that he’s single, at least for the time being.