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The Black Fairy's Fairytale Origins On 'OUAT' May Surprise You

by Zakiya Jamal

When Once Upon a Time first began, it was a simple tale about how the Evil Queen trapped the "good" fairytale characters in the town of Storybrooke, where they thought they were just regular people. The show has come a long way since then and a variety of characters have since popped up on the show including Peter Pan, Elsa and Anna, Aladdin and Jasmine, Merida, and so many others. That's why when the Black Fairy came into the picture many fans wondered who is the Black Fairy based on in Once Upon a Time?

The Black Fairy's real name is Fiona though that still doesn't really give any insight into who she could be a parallel for. Initially, I thought maybe she was Fiona from Shrek but that is most certainly not the case. For one, Fiona from Shrek is an ogre, not a fairy. More importantly, Shrek is a Dreamworks film, and OUAT mainly works with Disney characters, which makes sense considering ABC is owned by Disney. Plus, she appears to have nothing in common with the beloved character.

Some fans may have also believed that the Black Fairy could be a skewed version of Maleficent. But since Maleficent has already been part of the show prior to this (played by the amazing True Blood vet Kristin Bauer van Straten), that can't be the case. No instead, it looks like the Black Fairy is simply just a character made up by the OUAT creators, which means her backstory could literally be anything.

The OUAT creators, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, haven't revealed anything about the Black Fairy's origin story just yet, but the next episode will dive into flashbacks of when she was just Fiona and what led her to become the Black Fairy in the first place. Apparently, when she had Rumple, a fairy prophesied his destiny and Fiona was none too pleased with what she heard, so she did everything in her power to stop it from happening. Of course, her actions impacted both her and Rumple's futures.

Could this mean the Black Fairy isn't completely evil after all? Did she, in fact, become the Black Fairy only in an attempt to save her son from a terrible destiny? When it comes to Once Upon a Time, anything is possible, especially wth a wild card like the Black Fairy.

It'll be interesting to see how the revelations of the Black Fairy's past alter the upcoming "final battle" between her and Emma. Will it cause Rumple to switched sides and join his mother, like she said he would when she first arrived? Or will learning the truth about why his mother left him still not sway him to help her. Fans will just have to tune in to find out.

Once Upon a Time airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.