Parisa Taghizadeh/BBC America

Watch Out, Villanelle — The Ghost On 'Killing Eve' Is Vying For Eve's Attention

You better watch out, Villanelle. Season 2 of BBC America's Killing Eve just bred a new kind of love triangle — and this one is bound to have deadly results. In the second episode of the sophomore season, titled "Nice and Neat," Killing Eve introduced a new female assassin nicknamed "The Ghost". And not going to lie, is kind of feels like Eve is cheating on Villanelle with this new case. So who is The Ghost on Killing Eve? Although the story centers on Eve's shared obsession with Villanelle, this character adds an element that will certainly shake things up moving forward.

Seeing as Killing Eve just introduced The Ghost, it's unlikely that the writers will give away the identity of this exciting new assassin just yet. But, here's what fans know about The Ghost so far. For one, she is the complete opposite of Villanelle. Rather than making outrageously flashy kills like Villanelle, The Ghost chooses to go for an inconspicuous kill, a key difference that even Eve knows will "drive Villanelle crazy." Eve also describes the new assassin as someone who is present but never really seen and likely to be a late-to-middle-aged woman of color.

As TV Insider pointed out, Eve's description of The Ghost is eerily similar to herself, a middle-aged Asian woman "who spent years being overlooked and underutilized." While I don't think that the Killing Eve writers would make Eve the new assassin, it's possible that the writers brought on The Ghost to highlight Eve's Season 1 self in comparison to her growth since meeting Villanelle.

In an interview with TVLine, Killing Eve's new showrunner, Emerald Fennell, explained that Villanelle and The Ghost are not only meant to contrast one another, but also remind Villanelle that she is not the only assassin playing the field.

“It felt like it seemed far-fetched that Villanelle would be the only female assassin,” Fennell revealed. The showrunner also added that while Villanelle's murders in Season 1 “sort of made it impossible for her to do her job” and another assassin was needed to fill the void, the sudden appearance of The Ghost will cause Villanelle to "realize that maybe she’s not the only girl in town, either, and that actually, she’s disposable.”

The Ghost will also show whether or not Eve is actually a good detective. “She needs to discover if she’s an expert in general, or if she’s just an expert on Villanelle, and whether this is professional or personal," Fennell said.

Meanwhile, Sandra Oh revealed that The Ghost will be "a real foil" and will serve as "a way to keep Villanelle present without them actually being side-by-side.” Who knows? Villanelle might even get a little jealous. “It almost ends up being a romance triangle, because there’s another woman killer in Eve’s life," Oh teased.

Viewers might not know who The Ghost is on Killing Eve, but it's pretty clear that the character will deepen the relationship between Villanelle and Eve more than ever before. And given Villanelle's jealous and narcissistic nature, this is one "love triangle" you don't want to miss.

Killing Eve airs Sundays on BBC America and AMC.