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Who Is The Greyhound Shooter? Police Say At Least 6 People Were Injured


Richmond Police on Thursday confirmed that there was a shooting at the Greyhound bus station on North Boulevard in Richmond, Virginia. State police troopers were also reportedly called to the scene, although authorities would not say who the Greyhound station shooter was or what set off the incident. Police said that at least six people had been taken to the nearby VCU Medical Center, two of whom were identified as state troopers. Update: Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said in a news conference Thursday that only one state trooper had been shot and that the trooper was still being treated for life-threatening injuries. In total, four individuals were shot. Geller said that earlier misinformation, which claimed that there had been two troopers shot and that one had died, was false.

The North Boulevard Greyhound bus stop is located near the Sports Backers stadium, where the Virginia Commonwealth University frequently plays games. Corinne N. Geller, a spokesperson for the Virginia State Police reports the shooting suspect is now in custody. Sources have told media outlet CBS 6 that one of the state troopers who had been shot sustained life-threatening injuries and was being treated at the nearby VCU Medical Center. It was also confirmed that the shooting suspect was shot and killed by a state trooper.

Emergency vehicles were called to the scene around 2:45 this afternoon, according to NBC 12. Police continued to remind citizens that the area is closed to traffic and pedestrians. Multiple sources told WTVR CBS 6 that the Virgina State Police were at the bus station for training exercises when the shooting suspect entered and opened fire.

While the motives behind the shooting remain unclear, sources have speculated that the state troopers may have been the intentional target. NBC 12 News reported that the shooting suspect entered the bus stop during the training exercise and shot a trooper in the chest.

Two more victims were reportedly injured, including one female civilian. The medical condition of the remaining victims has not been released by the hospital.

As police officials continue to interview witnesses, very little word has been released about the shooter. The North Boulevard Greyhound station was a "hot spot" of crime in Richmond, according to Rachel DePompa of NBC 12. The media outlet NBC 12 has also claimed that federal investigators confirmed the training exercise was drug-related. It has been the regular practice for State Troopers to shake hands with members of the public after the exercise has been completed. Unfortunately, a mentally-disturbed man approached the trooper during this "meet and greet" and shot him in the chest. The police have not yet confirmed this allegation.

The identities of the shooter and the state trooper have not yet been released.