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Scott's Killer Was Finally Given A Face On 'JTV'... Sort Of

Just when it seems like Scott's murder case has finally been solved, a new suspect arises. However, this week's suspect remains a mystery. So who is the mystery woman on Jane the Virgin and did she really kill Scott?

At the end of "Chapter Sixty-One," it was revealed that the mysterious JP in Scott's burn book wasn't someone's initials, but rather a shorthand for "Jerky Pants." According to Anezka, that's what she and Scott called Chuck, which of course led just about everyone to believe Chuck killed Scott. It didn't help that Petra discovered a seashell necklace in Chuck's bag that looked eerily similar to one in the photos of the crime scene.

However, it turned out Chuck was just another red herring. As he revealed to Petra, and later to the police — though he did see Scott that night, he didn't kill him. Instead, he only met up with Scott because he had asked Scott to get some inside information for him. Scott, being the snake he is, upped his price at the last minute, which is why Chuck was meeting with him that night.

Chuck claimed to have no idea what JP meant and instead revealed that the real reason he'd been acting so nervous and weird around Petra was because he was trying to tell her he loved her. Awww, I guess?

Though fans remained skeptical of Chuck, things got more interesting when he sat down with the police to tell his side of what really went down the night Scott was murdered. Turns out he saw a woman out on the beach that night and in exchange for the police dropping all charges against him, Chuck sat down with a sketch artist so they could figure out who this mysterious woman is.

Naturally, though the police showed the sketch to Rafael and Petra, fans didn't get to see it, which means we have to wait a whole week to find out who this person is. Thus far, everyone believes it's Rose, also known as Sin Rostro. However, that just seems a bit too obvious. Plus, she's been away with Luisa for a while so it seems a bit odd that she would've been around to kill Scott anyway.

Instead, a more likely suspect is Rafael's ex-girlfriend Abby. She just seemed a bit too nice for this show. Plus, why was she even part of the story for that brief period of time if she didn't have some ulterior motive? Though I can't fathom why she'd kill Scott — other than the fact that he was a pretty terrible person — it'd be amazing if she really did do it. Hopefully the show will reveal the mystery woman at the start of the next episode and fans won't have to wait too long for the truth once and for all.