It Seems Ricky Has Some Explaining To Do On ' 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days'

Just when I thought that Ricky would leave Colombia alone, the latest 90 Day Fiancé episode changed my mind. Who is Ximena on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days? Melissa isn't the only woman Ricky's been talking to online.

Ximena is another Colombian woman Ricky has been corresponding with. The reason she hasn't been mentioned before Sunday's episode, "Seeds of Doubt," is because he started talking to Melissa first. While Melissa turned out not to be a catfish — as Ricky was afraid of and some fans suspected — she wasn't interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with Ricky. In fact, Spanish-speaking (and sluethy) fans translated one of Ricky's texts to Melissa before their first introduction where he assured he just wanted to meet up as friends. According to Redditor MetallicPeacock27, Ricky's text read (in Spanish): "[S]eriously as a friend and friends I want to invite you to a luxury restaurant in Medellin, one of the best ones." Unfortunately, that's unverified.

With Ximena, however, Ricky made sure that he made his intentions known from the start. During the latest episode, he told Ximena he wanted to meet up in a romantic context (he mentioned meeting "intimately," which could be interpreted...a number of ways). It seems that Ximena was Ricky's "back burner" he would talk to when Melissa was, in Ricky's words, "distant." Now that Melissa isn't answering Ricky's texts anymore, he figured it was time to hit up Ximena again.

I thought that was pretty shady of Ricky, and to be fair he wasn't so happy with himself as well. When he and Ximena were hitting it off, he revealed in a talking head confessional that he felt upset with himself for misleading Ximena and not telling her he came to Colombia for Melissa.

Other than what viewers have seen on the show, there's not much more information about Ximena out there. She doesn't have social media accounts (at least, public ones that are easily searched) — but she was definitely on that Colombian dating site because that's how she and Ricky met. What's also unknown as of now is that will happen between Ximena and Ricky. I wonder if she will find out that she wasn't the original reason Ricky came to Colombia. Judging by the preview for the next episode, he'll tell her sooner rather than later. "I need to be brutally honest about Melissa," Ricky says in a voiceover over the actual confrontation with Ximena. What viewers don't see as of yet is her reaction (though there is a shot of her furrowed brow, which is telling).

Reddit fans of 90 Day Fiancé already have a lot of opinions of Ximena. Some believe that this is all constructed drama. Redditor Dippydoodles, for instance, believes that when Melissa didn't work out they encouraged Ricky to start contacting Ximena again. Producers, Dippydoodles theorized, convinced Ximena to participate by buying her ticket to see him and lying to her that Ricky came to Colombia just for her.

Then there's a whole other theory that Ricky wanted to come to Colombia for Ximena all along, and it was Melissa who was the TLC plant. Other fans, however, don't believe either conspiracy. "Ximena is cute... but why is everyone hating on Melissa," Redditor dayhate said it another comment. "She couldn’t have made it more clear that she wasn’t really interested so it’s not like it’s her fault. I’m still not convinced Melissa wasn’t a TLC setup."

Fan rumors aside, Melissa is out and Ximena is in, and Ricky has a lot of 'splaining to do. Hopefully all the secrets get out in the open in the next episode of Before the 90 Days.