Who Plays Dylan On 'AHS: Roanoke'? Wes Bentley Has Already Been On Once This Season

When My Roanoke Nightmare creator, Sidney, was rounding up all of the actors and their real life counterparts to return for his reality TV special, there was one person who was noticeably absent from his roster, and that was Dylan, the actor who played The Butcher's colonial son, Ambrose, in the reenactments. But in the real world, who plays Dylan on AHS: Roanoke? Though viewers were only given a glimpse of him before the credits started to roll, most of you undoubtedly recognized him as the one and only Wes Bentley, though, instead of reprising his role as Ambrose, he seemed to be wearing a fake Piggy Man mask, undoubtedly meant to scare the Roanoke occupants.

In fact, I'm willing to bet that Dylan was hired by Sidney to scare everyone in his latest Piggy Man getup in order to instill fear on the cast and make the video footage more interesting. But apparently he didn't get the memo that things at Roanoke weren't exactly going off as originally planned. (This is what happens when you arrive late to a party.) Odds are, he had no idea that he'd be walking into Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Paranormal Activity type of situation. But now that he's here, his life is now officially on the line as well.

So, just to be clear—Dylan was never the original Piggy Man, but was merely dressed up like him as part of Return To Roanoke. Now, he's at the house to either be another victim or that sole survivor fans were promised.

But who is the actor who plays Dylan on AHS: Roanoke? It can get confusing, especially when there's a show within a show, and then another show based on the show within that show. Or something like that. But don't worry, but you've definitely seen this guy in the AHS-verse before as well as numerous other projects.

He's Another AHS Alum

Not only was Bentley in Freak Show as the two-headed Edward Mordrake, but he came back for Hotel as well, on which he played John Lowe, a detective out to search for his missing son, who got caught up in all of the supernatural weirdness at Hotel Cortez and eventually became (spoilers) the Ten Commandments Killer.

You've Probably Seen Him In Some Bigger Movies

Most fans fell in love with Bentley when he was just a young man of 21 years old when he co-starred in American Beauty. But if you're a little younger, you might recognize him as Seneca Crane from The Hunger Games.

He's Been Low Key Amazing On AHS

After being in three seasons, Bentley hasn't gained as much of a mainstream following as Evan Peters or Jessica Lange, but in each of his roles, he's succeeded in bringing something meaningful to the show. As Edward Mordrake, he was creepy and mysterious, and for Hotel, Bentley's role was necessary to show the viewers pretty much every nasty little secret the Cortez was hiding.

Dylan on AHS: Roanoke likely came back with the intention of scaring his reality TV co-stars, but instead he's probably going to be dealing with the same kind of harassment and horror that has been happening all season. God speed, my friend.