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You're Going To Want To Make A Note Of Amalia Williamson From 'Northern Rescue'

by Esme Mazzeo

It's safe to say Northern Rescue was a hit as soon as it began streaming on Netflix March 1. The drama follows the West family from mother Sarah's cancer diagnosis through her sudden death in the pilot. Viewers then move with the family from Boston out to Turtle Island Bay in Canada to live with their Aunt Charlie (Kathleen Robertson). Though Robertson and Billy Baldwin are the the star names that anchor the series, a lot of the show is about the kids. So fans want to know who plays Maddie on Northern Rescue. Her name is Amalia Williamson, and you're going to want to remember that.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Season 1 of Northern Rescue.

Maddie West is the oldest sibling in her family, and that's just about the only thing she and the actress who plays her have in common. Maddie is 17 and often overwhelmed by the responsibilities suddenly thrust upon her in the wake of her mother's death. Williamson is a 24-year-old Canadian college student currently enrolled in the film and television program at Sheridan College in Toronto.

While Williamson obviously empathizes with her character, there's a lot of heavy stuff there she just can't imagine. “When I first got the audition and read the script I started tearing up right away. I am so close to my mom and the scene I was reading was one where I was arguing with my mom in the series before she died," Williamson told Holr Magazine. Ironically (or maybe not) that's the moment she knew she wanted to play Maddie. "I say horrible things to her and we’re yelling and screaming and the emotional reaction I got from it made me know I had to play her.”

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While Williamson is the oldest West kid on set, she also has the least acting experience. You may know Spencer MacPherson, who plays middle brother Scout West, from another show available for streaming on Netflix —he plays Hunter Hollingsworth on Degrassi: Next Generation. The youngest West daughter, Taylor, is played by Taylor Thorne, who will play young Murphy Mason on the upcoming CW series In The Dark and has had a recurring role on the Audience Network thriller Condor.

In the same Holr interview, Williamson admits she had no problem acting the fight scenes with Thorne, because she has a sister the same age. Plus, the girls remind her of each other. “They’re the same person so when I was arguing with Taylor it felt just like I was arguing with Sam.”

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Talking about filming in interviews now, Williamson seems like she's recalling family memories, but set didn't always feel like home to her. “At first I was scared," she told Holr about meeting Baldwin. “I had no idea what he would be like — no idea." Turns out, Baldwin is pretty chill, and good with grandmas who happen to be visiting set. "He was just hanging out with us and was so sweet. My grandma was just beaming!”

I'm not sure if Williamson knows just how big Northern Rescue is becoming on social media. But if she does she doesn't take her new success for granted, and is already thinking about what's next. “The future is so bright,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to do this," she told her local news website, Inside Halton. Williamson also stars as Rita in the Canadian film Level 16, which I can only describe as a hybrid between The Handmaid's Tale and Gossip Girl. So, amazing.

Basically what I'm saying is Williamson is here to stay.