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I'd Like You To Meet Sivan Alyra Rose, The Woman Who Plays Sasha In 'Chambers'

Get ready for another chilling gem in Netflix's television lineup. On Apr. 26, the streaming giant that brought horror fans Stranger Things and The Haunting of Hill House releases Chambers, a new thriller that will probably leave you questioning every Grey's Anatomy surgery to date. While the Netflix series nabbed big stars for its cast, like Uma Thurman to portray Nancy Lefevre, Chambers also has its fair share of newcomers, including its lead Sasha Yazzie. So who plays Sasha in Chambers? Sivan Alyra Rose might be new on the scene but the Netflix series will surely blow up her follower count overnight.

For those of you who are curious about Netflix's latest thriller, Chambers follows Sasha, a young woman who receives a heart transplant after a heart attack. However, this is not a recovery story. This is something far more sinister. Eventually, Sasha becomes consumed by a mystery that stems from the very heart that saved her. The survivor tries to uncover the truth about her donor's life — and sudden death. But the closer she gets to discovering what happened, the more characteristics she picks up from the deceased.

In an interview with BUILD Series, Rose shared a bit of insight about Sasha on Chambers. And surprisingly, her character isn't exactly who viewers meet when they watch the trailer.

"Sasha Yazzi is probably one of the most adorable girls you will ever meet," Rose said. "[She's] so sweet, so gentle, cute as a button, but has such bite, this edge to her, this grittiness. Everything in her life isn't super simple. But she still just wants to be a normal teenage girl. That's all I ever wanted her to be. The representation of this super chill, brown teenage girl."

Rose is truly an unknown in Hollywood. Per her iMDB profile, Rose has only been in one project aside from her breakout role on the Netflix series — the lead in a short called Running Shadow. However, don't let her limited experience fool you. Remember that Netflix often hires relatively new actors like the kids from Stranger Things and To All The Boys I've Loved Before's Lana Condor. Their talent speaks for itself.

According to Native News Online, Rose will also be the first American Indian to play a lead role in a series. The actress is a tribal citizen of the San Carlos Apache and grew up on the San Carlos Indian Reservation in Arizona. She went to Institute of the American Indian Art in Santa Fe and later moved to Los Angeles, where she landed the role of Sasha.

“I did not move to Los Angeles to chase my dream, but once there, I emailed [casting director Rene Haynes] to see about getting some auditions," Rose told the publication. "I failed at some, but within six months, I got the role to play Sasha."

Speaking with CBS Los Angeles, creator and writer, Leah Rachel, revealed that while there were some hesitations when casting a new actor in Chambers, Rose was right for the job.

"Our lead actress was unknown and I think when you do that, it's incredibly risky. But there's a naive-ness that I think is great sometimes," Rachel said. "[Rose] didn't have a head shot [when she auditioned] ... she wore sweatpants and a t-shirt. I was like, 'Sold!'"

Jokes aside, Rachel shared that Rose was the one who stuck out in auditions.

"I was really nervous about casting the character," Rachel said. "But Sivan was the best for the role. She also has a lot of similarities with the character and she could tap into something if we wanted a really raw, natural energy."

Rachel then explained that the choice to make Rose's character half Native American was an easy one.

"The decision for the character to be half Native American was more of a 'why not?' It didn't have to be a Native American story since that's not my story to tell," Rachel said. "It's a human story and she's a teenage girl who happens to be half Native American. I think that not putting a focus on a character not being their culture is humanizing and makes people see that they're not just running around in a headdress."

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Although she is starring alongside established actors in Chambers, Rose will hopefully stand on her own as the lead. But from the way Rachel put it, fans have nothing to worry about. Just sit back and let yourself enjoy the heart-stopping show.

Chambers will be available to stream Apr. 26 on Netflix.

Editor's note: an earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the name of the Running Shadow. It has been corrected.