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Here's Who Sings The Catchy End Credits Song In 'Despicable Me 3'

Since you're likely going to end up seeing the movie 10,000 times over once it comes out, you're going to want to know who sings the end credits song in Despicable Me 3, since it will be stuck in your head until next summer. Luckily, it's not awful. It's Pharrell Williams's "Yellow Light" and it might just be the happiest tune ever. Pharrell is all about bringing the joy, right? His single "Happy" was the Despicable 2 theme in 2014, so he's no stranger to the franchise.

The video for "Yellow Tune" dropped earlier this month, but the animated film doesn't come out until June 30 — and the video is almost as adorable as the movie. In it, Pharrell wanders around a city with the Minions, until they eventually go underground, where it turns into an old-school video game. (Hilariously, the singer and the new villain, Balthazar Bratt, who is voiced by South Park's Trey Parker, meet up at one point and have a dance battle.)

It's super cute. Yes, the synth heavy song will get old by Labor Day, but at least you'll know that your kids will have been introduced one of the greatest musicians and producers of our time. You might go a little loony listening to it over and over again, but Pharrell isn't so bad.

In fact, Pharrell is all over the Despicable 3 soundtrack, which was released on June 23. In addition to "Yellow Light," he has four other songs on the soundtrack.

The soundtrack has a handful of hit classics on it, too. It's like a 1980s greatest hits compilation, including Michael Jackson’s "Bad," A-ha’s "Take on Me," and Madonna’s "Into the Groove." The Minions also have some songs on the soundtrack, along with German singer, Nena.

The Guardian suggested that younger viewers might consider the tunes "ancient." Which, uh, is sort of rude. There is nothing ancient about Madonna. To prove it, you should stream the soundtrack on Spotify, so you can pump up your kiddos for the film's premiere — and rock out to good '80s tunes. There's really something for everyone.

So far, reviews have been a little rough on the latest installment. As The Guardian wrote of the latest Despicable film:

While all the elements that brought the first two Despicable Me's inordinate popularity are present and correct, it might perhaps be churlish to suggest that the charm is beginning to wear off — just a tiny bit.

... But maybe that's just because they're British. (Kidding!)

If the soundtrack is any indication of how much fun the movie is going to be, parents and kids are in good hands. After all, what's not to love about Minions and Pharrell?