Don't Miss The 'Beauty & The Beast' End Credits

by Kaitlin Kimont

The time has finally come now for all of us to sit back, relax, and watch Beauty and the Beast in theaters. With a stellar cast — to say the least; Belle is portrayed by Emma Watson, Dan Stevens is the Beast, and Luke Evans plays Gaston — the revitalized, live-action Disney classic is arguably another classic for the vault. The official soundtrack from the 1991 animated feature was also revived, with renditions of beloved tunes by stars like Ariana Grande and John Legend. And if you end up in theaters over opening weekend, make sure you stay seated until they turn the lights on because you won’t want to miss the end credit songs in Beauty and the Beast either.

The movie’s end credits will be a star-studded affair. Let’s begin: The Telegraph reported that Grande and Legend will take over for the end credits with their cover of the title track “Beauty and the Beast.” (If you haven’t seen the music video of their pop version of the magical song yet, set aside a few minutes now to watch the masterpiece.)

It doesn’t stop there. Celine Dion and composer Alan Menken, who wrote the beloved title song (which Dion originally sang with Peabo Bryson) from the 1991 classic, reunited for the 2017 remake. According to E! News, the pair’s version of "How Does a Moment Last Forever" will play over the end titles. And you can expect that it’ll be incredible. Rolling Stone’s Jon Blistein wrote of Dion's new "delicate ballad":

Dion sings poignantly over a swelling mix of piano, accordion and orchestral strings. While “How Does a Moment Last Forever” never reaches the cinematic peaks of “My Heart Will Go On,” Dion delivers a vocal performance filled with bombast before reaching an understated end.

Singer-songwriter Josh Groban will also have a hit played during the end credits as well, according to LaughingPlace.com. Groban previously announced on Twitter that he had recorded a new version of "Evermore" — composed by Menken and written by Tim Price specifically for the live-action remake — and it will appear on the film's soundtrack in addition to the credits.

"I'm honored to have recorded a special version of For Evermore for the new movie," Groban tweeted in January.

If there's one thing that Disney classics are known for it's that they produce some of the catchiest and most memorable songs. With Disney veterans like Dion, Rice, and Menken behind some of the numbers, a dazzling duo like Legend and Grande taking on the film's classic hit, and Groban's easy-listening vocals, this version of Beauty and the Beast certainly puts a new and unforgettable spin on the beloved classic.