Who Will Get Marco Rubio's Delegates? He's Just Made A Bold Move


While most of America is aware that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has suspended his presidential campaign, particularly since his dismal performance in his home state, perhaps it's not a great idea to count him out just yet. It turns out Rubio might still have a few tricks up his sleeve. Any of you wondering who might be getting the delegates Marco Rubio won during his campaign?

Rubio won 173 delegates in 21 states during his presidential campaign. Historically speaking, these delegates would normally be released and free to vote for the candidate of their choosing at the Republican Convention in Cleveland this July.

However, Rubio has something else in mind. He has been quietly reaching out to Republican party officials in an attempt to keep his delegates. Why would he want to keep his delegates if he is no longer in the race to become the next President of the United States, you ask?

Why, to stop Donald Trump, obviously!

Rubio aide Alex Burgos reportedly told MSNBC that, even though Rubio is no longer a candidate, he "wants to give voters a chance to stop Trump."

What could this mean for Trump? Well, if the state leaders agree to allow Rubio to keep his delegates, that will keep Trump from gaining any of their support between now and the July convention. There are presently a total of 323 unbound delegates — Rubio's 172 delegates represents just over half. If those delegates remain unavailable between now and July, the majority of 1,237 delegates may not be reached by the convention. Which could open the door to a second vote for a nomination. Which means someone else could actually win instead of Trump.

A brilliant plan, yes? Sort of Machiavellian and bold, don't you think? One might almost refer to him as a maverick. I would give Rubio an A plus for gumption. Except there is one little problem.

Rubio gets a D for spelling. In a letter he sent to the Chair of Alaskan Republican Party, where he asked to keep the 5 delegates he won in that state, Rubio misspelled a fairly important word. According to the letter, he has suspended his campaign for "President of the Untied States."

Luckily for Rubio, his spelling blunder didn't seem to make a difference. The Alaskan GOP has granted Rubio's request. Republican Party Chairmen in Oklahoma and Tennessee have confirmed they received the same letter from Rubio, but have not made statements as to whether or not they will allow Rubio to keep his delegates. The rules vary from state to state, which could cause a problem for Rubio.

And so now we wait to find out if Rubio's wild card bid to force a contested convention in July will work to keep Trump from steamrolling his way to the White House. Stay tuned.