The UK Alliance On 'The Challenge' Is Getting Stronger Every Week

When you have a season of The Challenge dubbed War of the Worlds with a ton of British players facing off against Challenge veterans, lines are bound to be drawn early on. Since a lot of the UK players already knew each other or may have felt more comfortable aligning with one another, that’s exactly what happened. Even they don’t have the numbers, it makes you wonder who the UK alliance on The Challenge will target next.

In the first killing floor elimination challenge, Hunter and Georgia beat Ashley M., who was last season’s Challenge winner, and Chase, leaving Georgia, who is in the UK alliance, still in the game and getting stronger by the minute. The following week, Zach and Zahida took out Bananas and Morgan. Let that sink in for a minute. Zahida, who is a rookie and part of the UK alliance, played a role in taking out legendary Challenge player Bananas the second week of the season. That’s almost unheard of and it may have been around that time when the other players realized the strength the UK alliance has.

It has continued the same way since then and although the UK alliance has less members than the rest of the house combined, they are still strong. Their next target is bound to be someone big and, judging by tonight’s episode, it won't be hard to take him or her out of the game.

Tonight, Ashley and Kam took out Josh and Amanda, leaving another member of the UK alliance standing tall and with the relic, no less. Even Wes, who has been a strong competitor this season and an overall threat, seems to recognize what the UK alliance can do.

"The state of the UK alliance is at an all-time high," Wes said at the end of tonight’s episode. "I'm afraid that I may be the largest target that they’re all trying to get rid of."

Unfortunately for Wes, he’s not wrong. Kam, who is Ashley’s partner and part of the UK alliance by proxy, said that Da’Vonne and Wes both better watch out. Da’Vonne voted for Ashley and Kam to be put on the killing floor because she didn't want to throw Paulie or Josh, her Big Brother besties, under the bus. She honestly had no choice. It was Wes’s fault that Kam and Ashley were even a possible team to vote for, so Kam has made them both her next targets.

Ashley confirmed that they will be going after Wes next. It's not a big surprise since Wes is a top veteran player and hasn’t done much to make friends with the opposing alliance this season. It was only a matter of time before the UK alliance tried to take him out. The fact that his partner, Dee, has distanced herself from the UK alliance makes it even easier.

Hunter might also become an unexpected target in the coming episodes. In the trailer for next week, Bear tells Hunter, "I will beat you." This is followed by a scene of Georgia sobbing in Da’Vonne’s arms. I’m not sure if Bear feels threatened by Hunter because of his closeness to Georgia or if he just wants to take another Challenge vet out of the game, but Hunter could be on Bear’s list.

That would also mean taking out Georgia in the process, but Bear might be seeing red at this point. I don't think he has given up hope on getting Paulie out either since, as he put it, he and Natalie have won competition after competition this season. From a game standpoint, it would only make sense.

In the coming weeks, it might be hard to take out another veteran without someone in the UK alliance being a casualty, but eventually, it will have to come down to that.