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Yes, Whole Foods Will Be There For You On NYE For A Last Minute Chips-N-Dip Run

Remember when you didn’t have kids and New Year’s Eve meant sparkly dresses, bottomless champagne, and a wildly painful headache the next day? So much for that. According to super high tech anecdotal research (a.k.a. I asked six friends): most parents will go to bed by 10 a.m. and yet still wake up with a headache on New Year's Day. Which means you'll likely need to make a grocery run be it for aspirin, diapers, snacks, or all of the above. That raises a critical question: is Whole Foods open on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day?

The answer: yes and yes. The good news is the retailer unlocks its doors both before and after the end of year debauchery. The bad news? Each store makes its own holiday hours.

So what’s a parent to do? Use Whole Foods helpful store finder widget to get the phone number for your area location to find out how early you can roll in bedhead style and grab some baby food and bubbles for mimosas — hey, mama may not be able to hang until the ball drops, but by god she deserves some Hair of the Dog the next day.

Oh and pro tip, before you race home, remember to use your Amazon Prime app at checkout. Keep an eye out for Amazon Prime deals throughout the store and you could get 10% off sale items. How’s that for a happy new year?