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Why Beyonce Chose Blue Ivy, According To Everyone

Beyoncé has blessed us all this week, not only with the news that she and husband Jay Z are expecting twins. But she also gave the internet something to talk about other than President Trump for a few days; it was like going on a spa vacation. And let's not forget her groundbreaking pregnancy photo shoot featuring her five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy. It was #momgoals times infinity. The spunky little girl was working it, living up to her unique moniker. Speaking of; did we ever find out why Beyoncé named Blue Ivy "Blue Ivy?" The famously private superstar hasn't shared much information on the subject. So let's speculate a little, shall we?

Well first of all, there's the color blue. Jay Z is reportedly a big fan of the color blue. In "Go Crazy", his collaboration with Young Jeezy, he rapped, "My favorite hue is Jay Z blue." Which could mean something, or nothing. But probably something. Then there are his three albums from the early 2000's called Blueprint. Or maybe it's because blue is Beyoncé's favorite color; in an interview with People in 2012, when she appeared on their "Most Beautiful Woman In The World" cover (because obviously), she admitted that she is "obsessed with blue! And I mean that in many ways."

As for her lovely middle name Ivy, some people believe that Queen Bey's obsession with the number four (which in Roman numerals is spelled IV), could be the reason behind her name. Beyoncé was born on Sept. 4, Jay Z (whose real name is Shawn Carter) was born on Dec. 4, and her mom's birthday is Jan. 4. the couple were married on Oct. 4, 2008, and Beyoncé's album 4 was released in 2012. It all makes perfectly, normal sense right? Illuminati say what?

According to those madcap Illuminati theorists who insist that Jay-Z and Beyoncé are not only the reigning king and queen of music, but also the supreme rulers of a New World Order, Blue Ivy's name has a darker meaning.

There are two separate Illuminati schools of thought on her name; some believe it's an acronym for Born Living Under Evil Illuminati's Very Youngest. For me, this particular theory is meh. I feel like Queen Bey (who is also apparently a clone, according to those same Illuminati armchair philosophers) would come up with something better than an acronym. This feels like the acronyms I used to make up about boys I liked in public school. But this other theory, that Blue Ivy spelled backwards is YVE EULB somehow means Satan's daughter... that one I can sink my teeth into. I mean, at least this one requires a little Googling.

At any rate, we can't wait to find out what Queen Bey names her sweet twins. I hope it's something that gets the Illuminati all hot and bothered. Because why not? Throw them a bone, right?