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Why Did Chris Christie Introduce Donald Trump On Super Tuesday? They're Quite The Pair

When it came time for Donald Trump to give his victory speech Tuesday night from his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, supporters and viewers first had to wait for Trump to be introduced. And some may have been wondering, why did Chris Christie introduce Donald Trump on Super Tuesday? We can't know what's in Trump's head, of course, or Christie's for that matter, but it's been clear since Christie endorsed Trump on February 26 that the two are now on the same side.

When Christie, who dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination on Feb. 10, gave Trump his support, many speculated that Christie was vying for a cabinet position, either Vice President or Attorney General, according to Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight. But its not just Christie who needs Trump. Trump has very few endorsements, Bloomberg News noted. The support of a high-profile governor and recent presidential candidate goes a long way.

It helps the arrangement that Christie and Trump also have lots in common, Silver wrote. They don't believe in small government, and they're the least conservative of the conservatives. Also, Trump has done a lot of business in New Jersey and is generally liked in Christie's home state. So it makes sense that Christie is suddenly Trump's hype man.

And hype he has, basically since he got behind Trump. The same day he endorsed Trump, Christie was in Texas introducing Trump at a rally in Fort Worth. So it was really no suprise that Christie was front and center Tuesday night introducing Trump before his big win. Now Trump just needs to get Christie to look a little more excited about it: