Josh Vertucci/ABC

Here's Why Colton Jumped The Fence On 'The Bachelor'

One burning question has been on the collective mind of Bachelor Nation — and pretty much everyone else with an internet connection — all season long, thanks in no small part to weekly teasers promising the big moment was coming. But in the Mar. 4 episode, fans finally learned why Colton jumped the fence on The Bachelor: Cassie self-eliminated mere moments before he was (probably) going to give her his virginity.

It was fantasy suite week, which the first-ever virgin Bachelor spent in Algarve, Portugal with his final three contestants — Tayshia, Cassie, and Hannah G. Tayshia was his first date, and after some coy, figurative recaps in their confessional interviews, Colton and Tayshia finally spat out that they didn't have sex. She was "in love," but Colton was only "falling in love," and he admitted that he wasn't ready yet. For her part, Tayshia said she really wanted to have sex and conceded some disappointment that they didn't.

Next up was Cassie, whom Colton was very vocal about being in love with. He's been super clear all season long that he wants to be in love when he loses his virginity — hence, the road block with Tayshia — and Cassie seemed to fit the bill. But she got dealt a major blow in the middle of their date: she learned her dad wouldn't give Colton his blessing for an engagement. Her family's opinion was super important to her and their skepticism clearly caught her by surprise. It seemed like a pretty big deal-breaker to her, but then Cassie's dad showed up in Portugal to re-litigate the whole thing.

Cassie basically talked herself out of her relationship with Colton during the course of their conversation and resolved to break up with him that night, which she did. But not before Colton explicitly told her she was the one, kind of throwing Bachelor convention to the wind.

"I feel like staying here is making the wrong decision for me," Cassie finally said, despite Colton's offers to give her space, walk away from the show without an engagement — whatever she needed or wanted to stay. But Cassie had her mind made up and eventually, Colton loaded her into a car home with one last "I love you" (which, for the record, was not reciprocated). As she pulled away, Colton locked himself in his room, and he could be heard saying on his mic, "I'm done, I'm done with this."

He then stalked out of his vacation house, shoving a camera on his way, who tried to follow him. With Chris Harrison on his heels, he jumped the fence of the property and ran off. What directly preceded this and ensued were instant-classic moments, like someone from production shouting "somebody get Chris!" and Chris Harrison himself remarking with a truly incredible look on his face: "He just jumped the f*cking fence." Honestly, it was everything Bachelor fans were hoping for and more, and it looks like next week's episode opens with the hunt for Colton. As much as I'm loathe to admit it, this may just be...the most dramatic season of The Bachelor ever.