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Cassie Isn't Sure Colton Is *The One* On 'The Bachelor' Thanks To A Special Guest

When Colton made the rounds on hometown week to ask his final four contestants' fathers for permission to propose, the one dad who didn't give his approval was Cassie's. And when she found out about that in the fantasy suite episode, it changed her perspective on her potential future with Colton. Then, Cassie's dad showed up on The Bachelor and made things more confusing than ever for her.

As if she wasn't already conflicted enough about what comes next and whether or not she wants to marry Colton, her dad's surprise appearance only made things worse, in a way. He told her that he wanted her to be sure about marrying Colton before committing to that and she admitted that she has strong feelings for him that may not be love just yet.

"There shouldn't be any hesitation in your mind when you meet someone you wanna spend the rest of your life with," Cassie's dad told her. "It's a lifelong decision. It's not something you make if you're not sure."

He said that if Cassie had come home during her hometown date and said that she was sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that Colton was the one for her, things would have been a little different. But he didn't see that in her at the time. Unfortunately, Cassie's dad's visit on The Bachelor Monday night didn't help matters, but it did make her realize that she had to send herself home if she wasn't totally committed to getting engaged to Colton.

Before her dad showed up, Cassie was already expressing her doubts at The Bachelor process. "Do we just need more time?" Cassie asked the camera. "I don't know if I've ever been confused about something this big." She said that she wasn't sure if she was ready for what typically comes next on The Bachelor and her dad only helped confirm what she already suspected, which was that she shouldn't go through with her fantasy suite date with Colton.

Cassie confided in her dad that she didn't feel that Colton was "the one" yet and didn't feel for him what her dad said he felt for her mom in the early days of their relationship. Cassie's dad told her that she will feel it, but that she can't force it. Honestly, it was better for Cassie to leave The Bachelor when she did instead of staying on while not being totally certain about her feelings for Colton.

When Cassie's dad didn't give his approval, or blessing, during hometown dates for Colton to propose to Cassie, some fans were surprised. Typically, the dads put up a little bit of a fight but eventually give in to the handsome stranger with the camera crew in tow. This season, however, Cassie's dad stood his ground and didn't give his blessing. This didn't necessarily stop Colton from wanting to pursue something with Cassie, but after he told her about that, it changed her own feelings about their future. Then, her dad showed up and it only added to her stress in the moment.

You can't really fault Cassie for being confused, though. The Bachelor *journey* is always fast-paced and difficult for contestants to handle, given that they have to date the same guy as a handful of other women at the same time. This is all with the promise of an engagement at the end. And for a lot of people, dating a man for two months with 20 other girlfriends doesn't allow enough time to know if you want to get married at the end of it all.

Yes, it was hard to watch Colton get hurt again on a show on The Bachelor franchise, but Cassie had to follow her head and her heart.