'Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans Reveals Her 4-Year-Old Son Underwent Surgery For Hearing Loss

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans took to Instagram on Thursday to share that her 4-year-old son, Kaiser, underwent surgery for a health issue. And given that many fans have come to know and love little Kai throughout the years, it's understandable that people want to know why Jenelle Evans' son had surgery. As it turns out, Kaiser has a health issue that Evans also had as a little kid.

The past few months haven't been easy for Evans and her family. Evans, along with her husband, David Eason, and her kids (Kaiser, Jace, 9, Ensley, 1, and step-daughter Maryssa, 11) endured the wrath of Hurricane Florence in September, and at one point throughout the ordeal, she couldn't contact her mother, Barbara Evans. Luckily, it was later revealed that Barbara was unharmed.

Following the tough times with Hurricane Florence, Evans discovered that Kaiser had a health issue that required surgery. Apparently, Kaiser's adenoids (glands located in the roof of the mouth, according to Healthline) were interfering with his ability to hear well. If adenoids become badly swollen, the Eustachian tubes in the middle ear can get blocked, according to KidsHealth.

As for Kaiser's diagnosis? A hearing test revealed his hearing was down by 40 percent, as Evans explained on Instagram:

My poor bubba! After many many doctors appointments and tests... Kaiser had to get tubes in his ears and his adenoids removed like I did when I was little. Hearing test showed his hearing was down by 40% and now his ears have already improved, super happy for him! Prayers please for a speedy recovery, thanks! 😢💞 #MommasBoy#FirstSurgery#EarTubesSurgery#Adnoidectomy

Aww, poor Kai. The only upside here is that Evans also went through this as a kid. Given Evans' familiarity with the diagnosis, I bet that eased some of her fears about the surgery.

The adenoidectomy, according to About Kids Health, takes about "20 and 45 minutes," and kids receive a general anesthetic before the procedure. Even better is that kids usually don't have to stay overnight in the hospital after the surgery. The worst post-op symptom is a mild sore throat.

To keep Kaiser comfortable, Evans will probably give him lots of fluids in the coming days. Children's Minnesota's website recommends:

It is important to encourage your child to drink plenty of liquids. Keeping the throat moist decreases discomfort and prevents dehydration (a dangerous condition in which the body does not have enough water). There are no specific dietary restrictions after adenoidectomy. In other words, your child can eat whatever you would normally feed him or her.

Following Evans' post, many people chimed in with messages of support and personal anecdotes.

"Poor babe. We ended up having to put tubes in our little gals ears too!" someone wrote on Instagram. "So sad but totally worth it. Hopefully he feels better soon!"

Another person chimed in: "My poor kiddo went through this 2 years ago today! And got her Tonsils out as well. Poor baby. But man do those kiddos bounce back like nothing ever happened. Hoping for a speedy recovery."

"Prayers for a speedy recovery. My 1 yr old granddaughter just had tubes put in due to reoccurring ear infections all the time," one commenter penned.

"Sending prayers for a speedy recovery for this precious boy," a fan said.

On that note, feel better soon Kaiser.