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Dominic's Connection To Wes On 'HTGAWM' May Not Be What It Seems

As per usual, How to Get Away with Murder has been full of questions this season and the plot just keeps getting thicker. There are even questions left over from Season 3 that have finally been answered, only to raise more concerns and make fans scratch their heads yet again. The question is no longer about who Wes called the night he was killed, but rather why did Wes call Dominic on HTGAWM? Suddenly, the two characters might have a connection that we as viewers weren’t aware of before and it might mean something big moving forward.

Now that we know that Dominic is the person Wes called the night he was murdered — who is also listed in his phone as his emergency contact and knows him by his birth name of Christophe — it makes you wonder how far back he and Dominic might go. Or, if Wes had some kind of ties to Laurel’s father before he even got romantically involved with her. Really, it opens things up in a big way, since Wes’ murder seemingly came out of nowhere.

Even as Dominic was strangling him, Wes didn’t ask who he was, but rather why he was doing it to him, which could signify his confusion since they were potentially on the same side prior to this exchange. However, the motive behind that possible partnership is still unclear.

On Reddit, SaltyBac0n wrote their own theory behind Wes’ phone call to Dominic and that voicemail. Instead of him having contacted Dominic directly as his emergency contact, what if the person Wes was really calling had their phone tapped by Dominic and that’s how the message wound up on there? I know, this only makes us all fall deeper into the rabbit hole that is HTGAWM Wes/Christophe theories, but at this point, I wouldn't count it out.

At the time of Wes’ murder, he believed himself to be in danger thanks to Frank following him and having witnessed Charles Mahoney’s murder on the street. So he called someone on his phone, which was revealed to be Dominic, barring anymore surprises. But if they were somehow working together, it wouldn’t make sense for Dominic to then kill Wes, unless something (or rather someone) convinced him to switch sides.

At the end of Season 3’s finale, it was revealed that Dominic had also been working with District Attorney Todd Denver, whose motive throughout Season 3 was taking down Annalise. Could he somehow also factor into this equation? Did Dominic know Wes from when they were kids, but his allegiance to Laurel's father became too prominent and led to him killing his friend? Was Wes originally working with Laurel's dad and they had a falling out? Anything is possible at this point.

There’s a good chance, though, that all will be revealed in the coming episodes of HTGAWM. With any luck, all of the important Wes-related questions will finally have satisfactory answers soon enough. But it also means seeing him again, in some capacity, and personally, I’ve actually found myself missing the sometimes moral compass of the Keating Five. "I will say yes, we will see him more," HTGAWM creator and showrunner Pete Nowalk told TV Insider. "I won't tell you in what context. Why Wes was killed is the main question of this season so we have to answer that. We will be talking about Wes and the characters will be talking about him, and we will see him again."

Clearly, there was a connection between the two characters and why Wes called Dominic is sure to be revealed as the second part of HTGAWM Season 4 moves along.

How To Get Away With Murder airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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