Some Disney Fans Think 'Tangled' Predicted The Ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic Years Ago

It's been 10 years since Disney released Tangled, but it's apparently more relevant than ever. The story of Rapunzel, a beautiful princess locked in a tower, might not seem like it would be topical, but Disney are convinced Tangled predicted the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

I'll take you back to the story, shall I? Rapunzel, voiced by Mandy Moore, has been living in a tower most of her life. Quarantined, basically, gamely trying to keep herself entertained within her own four walls by painting, singing, and brushing her incredibly long hair. Other than the very, very long hair, this is basically everyone right now, self-quarantining and trying to keep themselves entertained indoors in an effort to help stop the new coronavirus from spreading any further.

Oh, speaking of coronavirus... I should probably mention the name of the kingdom where sweet, curious Rapunzel is being kept quarantined is called Corona. That's right, a Disney princess was quarantined in Corona a decade before the rest of us non-princesses were quarantined by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. And, as Metro UK reported, this is exactly why Disney fans are sharing all of those Tangled memes on Twitter.

"I'm watching Tangled and I can't believe Rapunzel practiced social distancing in a tower away from the village of Corona," one tweeted. "I just—."

There are obviously some differences between our reality and Rapunzel's, don't get me wrong. She's being held captive by a witch because her luxurious hair has healing properties and she also has a lizard pal who lets her dress him up in little outfits to keep her entertained. She lives in a tower while the rest of us are living in apartments, ranch bungalows, and condos. Also, she's a secret princess whose parents are king and queen of the land, so I guess that's different.

Still, as many social media users have noted, the similarities between Rapunzel's story in Tangled and our story in the real world are a bit too close for comfort.

Even the witch pretends to be her mom and tells her it's not safe outside. I mean, come on.

While Tangled is loosely based on the story of Rapunzel, a Brothers Grimm fairytale based in Germany, the fact that Disney changed the location to a fictional kingdom called Corona has fans marveling over the connection.

Of course, this theory doesn't really change the fact that we're living in a world where millions of people are practicing social distancing and are self-quarantined. But let's face it: staying entertained is key to self-isolation. Just ask Rapunzel.

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