Why Does Instagram Look Different? The New Feed Is Taking Over

Just when you thought you had your Instagram perfected, the social media site is offering you new ways to share. Has anyone else noticed that their newsfeed is no longer chronological? Well, it turns out that Instagram looks different for some users who might be feeling left in the dark. It turns out, some changes have been happening at Instagram for a few months, and the changes are being rolled out slowly.

Instagram made an announcement a few weeks back regarding these changes. The change in storing photos chronologically has shifted for some users to a new system where photos are stored in priority sequence based on user interest. Instagram is reportedly testing out a new algorithm that will be smarter and more user intuitive than the chronological system, showing you photos it thinks you will want to see based on your preferences. (And we get one step closer to robots taking over the world, I knew it). While some users are reporting that their Instagram feed changed to the new prioritized system and then shifted back to the chronological storage, others haven't seen any changes at all. According to an email sent to Bustle by an Instagram representative, the changes are supposed to be good, everyone:

Your feed will soon order posts so that you'll see the moments we believe you care about first. As we begin, we're focusing on optimizing the order — all the posts will still be there, just in a different order ... The ordered feed will take into account a number of signals such as likes, comments, and searches, as well as the likelihood you'll be interested in the content, the timeliness of the posts, and your relationship to the person posting.

In other words, advertisers on Instagram will now have a better sense of your interests and be able to sell to you accordingly.

How are Instagram users dealing with the change?

There is some good news, though, Instagram videos can now play for 60 seconds. Were you getting tired of being cut off during your makeup tutorial? Fear no more! That 60 seconds might be all the time you need to rant about your ex, sing a little song, or try out that spectacular dance routine you wanted to share.

And speaking of videos, Instagram now offers the option to multi clip your videos, cropping several videos together in one app. And who doesn't love the chance to be a little creative, adding some decent visuals to enhance their fabulous storytelling skills. I'm pretty sure J.J. Abrams just used multi-clip videos for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and look how that turned out? (Just kidding.)

So good, bad, and meh, the Instagram changes have arrived, people. Why don't we all set aside a little time to pull ourselves together and try to embrace change? We'll be ok, I think.