Why Isn't Saint West In The Kardashian Christmas Card? There's A Notable Gap In This Year's Photo

Kardashian fans were given an early Christmas present Wednesday, when the family finally released their long-awaited annual Christmas card. But, with its release came a slew of questions. Where were the adult Kardashians? Where can I buy adult versions of Mason, Penelope, Reign, and North's clothes? And where is Saint West in the Kardashian Christmas photo?

It's a notable absence. The photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter and Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's children is no doubt adorable, but the image, captioned with the simple "All You Need Is Love," feels incomplete. Not just because it's missing the reality stars we've come to know (all too well) and love the past eight years, but also because it's missing the product of the most publicized birth of 2015. Fans already knew that Rob Kardashian was unlikely to appear — but the fact that Saint didn't appear as well? It's been two weeks since his birth and we still haven't seen the newborn boy yet!

So what's the reason? Well, plain and simple, timing is everything. It's likely the family was planning the shot back in November, when Kardashian Christmas card drama hit fever pitch, according to rumors. And, well, November is long before Dec. 5, the day that Saint West was born, and much longer before Dec. 25, Kardashian's initial reported due date. So of course Saint wouldn't be able to be in a photo that was shot before he was even born. The Kardashians work a lot of magic (can you attribute their ability to make me sit through 12 hours of a spin-off to anything but wizardry?), but willing a fetus to be born weeks before it wants to is impossible.

And, considering it was reportedly difficult enough for the family to put together the card, doing a last-minute adjustment with the newest member of the family didn't seem to fit into the Kardashians' schedule. As a source told E! Online about why the card just featured Kris' grandchildren:

This year, especially the last couple months, was so hectic that it was hard to arrange a full family shoot. Showing the kids alone seemed like the perfect thing to do.

Plus, as mentioned, we still haven't seen a photo of Saint — and the release of his first photo will most definitely create plenty of headlines for the Kardashian family. Why break one news story when you can break two?

So, perhaps there's another Christmas surprise in our future. C'mon Kim and Kanye!

Image: Michael Loccisano/Getty