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Why Logan & Rory Shouldn't Get Back Together If The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Returns

Before the Gilmore Girls revival even premiered, fans were trying to figure out what the endgame would be for Rory and who she would end up with. And while Dean was pretty much out as a possibility, fans were taking either a Team Jess or a Team Logan stance. However, the revival didn't really have that vibe. In fact, it seemed to favor Logan over all others. Still, the reasons why Logan and Rory shouldn't get back together on Gilmore Girls, if the revival returns, are there regardless.

Dean was her first love and Jess was her second, more intense love, but Logan was something a little different. He was her first real love as an adult, and any pro-Logan Gilmore Girls fan will be able to list that, along with their several other reasons why the two should end up together in the end. But if that was really meant to be Rory's future, wouldn't the Gilmore Girls revival have allowed it to play out? And wouldn't the end of their affair, so to speak, feel a lot less final than it did?

Granted, just because they didn't end up together in the show doesn't mean that there isn't hope for Logan and Rory if the Gilmore Girls revival returns. But in the end, there wasn't much hope thrown out for fans to grab onto.

Anyone who was never a huge Logan and Rory 'shipper knows why they shouldn't end up together if the Gilmore Girls revival returns — and the return of Jess isn't the only reason why the Yale sweethearts just aren't meant to be. For starters...

She Doesn't Have To End Up With Anyone

For fans who were kind of over the "who will Rory end up with?" mantra, this became a new idea to get behind. Because really, why does Rory have to be with anyone? When Gilmore Girls first began, Lorelai wasn't much older than Rory is now and she was happy being a single woman of the world. That doesn't mean she didn't go on to have her fair share of male suitors, but Rory is strong enough to not need any man to hold her up.

They Don't Bring Out The Best In Each Other

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Back during the original series, when Logan found out that Rory had talked to Jess, his response was to try and start a fight with him, which eventually led to Rory taking a break from their relationship. She was also never into stealing boats until the trust fund baby came along. And OK, he didn't exactly make her do anything, but his influence was never a great one.

Their Relationship In The Revival Was Kind Of Awful

In the Gilmore Girls revival, it was revealed that Logan was engaged to french heiress named Odette, who viewers never really saw up-close, but her name came up quite frequently during Rory and Logan's on-going affair. In the end, Rory decided to cut Logan loose. Probably because he was engaged. Did I mention that Logan was engaged?

He Is Her Christopher

The final four words of the Gilmore Girls revival involved Rory revealing that she's pregnant. Now, I'm no doctor or time wizard, but as far as viewers know, Logan is the only man she slept with in enough time to get her pregnant. But her meeting with Christopher toward the end of the "Fall" episode, where she asked about her conception and his decision to allow Lorelai to raise Rory by herself, you can't help but see what she may have been getting at. Much like Christopher was to Lorelai, Logan was a great love for Rory and also comes from a wealthy family (like Christopher).

But he also probably isn't the best match for her, so it's kind of hard not to see where the Gilmore Girls revival could go, should it return. Jess can be a new sort of Luke, and there will hopefully be a lot less than seven years for Rory to finally be with him. But any way you look at it, Rory and Logan shouldn't get back together if the Gilmore Girls revival returns.