Scott Everett White/The CW

'Jane The Virgin' Season 3 Ended On A Big Cliffhanger

by Zakiya Jamal

There's no love lost between Petra and her twin sister Anezka. The two have been backstabbing each other from the very beginning and in the Season 3 finale of Jane the Virgin, their feud came to a nasty head when Anezka pulled a gun on Petra. So will Anezka kill Petra on Jane the Virgin? Anezka may be a little crazy, but cold-blooded murder just doesn't seem her style.

Leading up to this twin face off, Anezka was released from jail after Scott's "real" killer was arrested. Due to a nasty hurricane, Anezka couldn't leave and Petra was stuck with her sister for the night. At first, Anezka was thankful to Petra for helping her get out of prison, but thanks to a fateful cab ride with Luisa, Anezka finally discovered the truth.

Luisa, who was upset at Rafael for lying to her about his cancer returning, was happy to explain to Anezka that there was no way she could've passed out the way she did on the night Scott was killed just from some "peach schnapps." Luisa explained that Anezka was most likely roofied and it didn't take long for Anezka to put two and two together about what her sister had done.

After returning the favor by giving Luisa the addendum to her father's will, Anezka then used Petra's own schemes against her by stealing Rafael's phone and using it to lure Petra outside. Petra, who was preparing to tell Rafael that she wanted to make their relationship work, didn't hesitate when "Rafael" told her to meet him where they first fell in love. Hence why she was so shocked to find her sister pointing a gun at her face.

The episode ended with Anezka still holding the gun up to Petra, but it seems highly unlikely that Anezka will actually pull the trigger. It's much more plausible that Anezka will hold Petra hostage, taking her away somewhere so that Anezka can do what she does best, which is to impersonate Petra. But why would Anezka want to be Petra again? Well, there's actually a pretty good reason.

With the addendum Anezka gave her, Luisa kicked Rafael out of the Marabella and seized control. It would benefit Luisa to have Anezka, as Petra, support her take cover and since neither Anezka nor Luisa are actually business savvy, it'd also be beneficial to keep Petra alive so they can force her to help them when needed.

It's really a solid plan and if this isn't Anezka big grand scheme, I'll be shocked. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a bit before they find out Petra's true fate. For now, let's just hope she survives.