Fans Think Anna Might Have Powers In 'Frozen 2'

I think we can all agree that Anna got a bit of a bum rap in Frozen. She had to grow up hidden away from the people of Arendelle and honestly, it looked like a pretty sweet village to me. Then she grows up and her sister is this super cool queen who can freeze everything and there's poor Anna, just wearing mittens and trying to hold everything together. That was then and this is now. Because there are some pretty interesting fan theories out there that point to Anna having powers in Frozen 2, and I hope they're true. Because she's such a loyal sister and a great girl... why not throw a few little super powers her way as a thank you?

As pretty much everyone likely remembers from the first movie, Anna's older sister Elsa was the one with the power to freeze everything and also a super chic braid. Elsa and her braid are back for the second movie, as fans saw in the incredibly short teaser trailer that was released on Feb. 13. While the trailer was really just a way to keep us all excited about the new movie and see our favorite characters, it did actually parse out little bits of information about possible plot points.

Like the theory that Anna could have some serious autumnal powers.

In the teaser trailer there is a new, mysterious girl with brown-ish hair who appears to be able to control the leaves and the wind. She is young, and she seems to toss a young man who was under the leaves up into the air.

And there are some people out there ho seem to think this could be Anna as a young girl (they both have generally similar hair colors, after all).

Of course, this isn't the only theory about the mysterious new character. Some people think this could be a flashback scene to Elsa and Anna's mother and father, Queen Iduna and King Agnar who died at sea in the first film, as Slash Film noted. This theory points to the idea that Elsa got her powers from her mother.

That doesn't mean people are giving up on the theory that Anna could have powers in Frozen 2, though. In fact, ever since the first movie was released in 2013 fans have been floating the theory that Anna could have super powers, as per fan site DisneyTheory.com. And if she does, she could possibly battle her sister.

It's tough to tell how things will turn out at this point. All we know for sure is that both Anna and Elsa are in the movie and Anna definitely looks like she knows how to wield a sword, which is a power unto itself isn't it?

I suppose I would be alright with Anna not having super powers as long as she gets a really meaty plot line. Because the first movie was mostly about Elsa coming to terms with her power... and I just think it's time for Anna to decide where exactly her own power lies.

Frozen 2 hits theaters on Nov. 22, 2019.