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Will Arya Go To Winterfell On 'Game Of Thrones'? Fans Hope So

During Season 6, there was a beautiful Stark reunion between Jon Snow and Sansa. This season, fans are hoping they'll be another. Specifically, they are asking, will Arya go to Winterfell on Game of Thrones? It definitely seems like her plans have changed.

In the first episode of Season 7, Arya was set on her path. After killing the Freys, Arya was determined to go to King's Landing and cross Cersei off her list. However, while on her journey she met up with an old friend who changed her mind. Arya returned to the inn where she left Hot Pie back in Season 4, and he was there to fill her in on all that had happened at Winterfell.

When the two reunited, Hot Pie asked if she was heading home. Arya was confused because she believed the Boltons were still controlling it. Hot Pie then told her about the Battle of the Bastards and how Jon was no longer Lord Commander of the Night's Watch but the King of the North. He didn't mention Sansa though, so Arya still doesn't know her sister is at home as well. Still, knowing Jon was back was enough to make Arya change course.

On her way back home, she was surrounded by a pack of wolves, one of whom she, along with the fans, believed was her long lost direwolf Nymeria. Unfortunately, when Arya went up to the direwolf and tried to explain who she was and that she was going back home, the wolf didn't seem interested. Instead, the wolf turned and walked away, along with its pack.

Arya then said that it wasn't Nymeria, but fans don't seem so convinced. Could it have been Nymeria and Arya just didn't want to believe her direwolf would turn her back on her? Or was Arya right and that wasn't Nymeria at all? It's hard to know for sure but the possible Nymeria sighting was just a reminder that Arya is returning back to her roots.

She hasn't been in Winterfell since Season 1, and this possible return is a major deal. Not only is she hopefully going to be back home, but she'll also be reunited with Sansa, who she hasn't seen their father was killed. This reunion has been a long time coming, and fans are anxious to see how the two sisters react to seeing each other again. Both of them have changed a lot of the years, but one thing as remained the same. As different as they were in Season 1, they're even more different from one another now.