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Will Aunt Becky Be In 'Fuller House' Season 2?…

Fun fact: the character Rebecca Donaldson was originally only set for a six-episode arc on Full House. But Lori Loughlin's amazing chemistry with John Stamos' Uncle Jesse and the rest of the cast led Danny's Wake Up, San Francisco co-host to become a main fixture on the series after her introduction in Season 2. Aunt Becky quickly became a fan favorite, so it made perfect sense that she would return for the series' Netflix revival, Fuller House. Loughlin only appeared in a recurring role for a few episodes back in Season 1 — but will Aunt Becky be in Fuller House Season 2 in some capacity as well?

Like Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier, Loughlin only appeared in a handful of Season 1 episodes. The adults from the first series stepped aside as the younger generation — Candace Cameron Bure's DJ, Jodie Sweetin's Stephanie, and Andrea Barber's Kimmy — came to the forefront as the new trio at the heart of Fuller House. But the gorgeous (and apparently un-aging) Loughlin will definitely be appearing in at least a few episodes of the second season of the '90s classic's spin-off. The actress appears as her beloved character in the show's new season trailer, with Becky echoing her husband's classic catchphrase "Have mercy!" before sharing a kiss with him.

Like the rest of the cast, Loughlin has been posting plenty of promotional images leading up to the upcoming season's premiere. But even better are all of the behind-the-scenes photos that Loughlin and the other actors have shared from the set while filming.

One BTS photo also showed her on-screen kids on set with her for Season 2 juxtaposed with a pic from Full House's heyday, apparently confirming that Becky and Jesse's twins would be returning for Season 2 along with their parents.

On Fuller House Season 1, Becky was dealing with some serious empty nest syndrome, given that her boys were grown up and out of the house. She was attached to D.J.'s youngest son Tommy and even asked Jesse if the two of them could have more kids. When Us Weekly asked about whether Becky and Jesse's Season 2 storyline might involve Becky's "baby fever," Loughlin laughed and said that she "think[s] that ship has sailed" — though a few BTS photos definitely seem to be hinting at the baby topic for Jesse and Becky.

Whatever the case may be, it'll be great to see that classic Stamos-Loughlin chemistry on our screens once again when Fuller House returns to Netflix on Dec. 9.

Editor's Note: Lori Loughlin has since deleted her Instagram account.