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Will Beyoncé Sell Rumi & Sir Baby Products?

You can stop sending Beyoncé and JAY-Z baby books — according to TMZ, the Carters have reportedly named their twin babies Rumi and Sir. They're unique, for sure, but they sound pretty great as a brand name. Will Beyonce sell Rumi & Sir Baby Products?

It's safe to assume that Beyoncé has big plans for the name. TMZ reported that the Carters' business filed legal documents to "secure rights to the names Rumi Carter and Sir Carter." According to the article, the trademarks are for everything from fragrances and novelty items to baby-centric products like strollers, baby teething rings, and rattles. A Beyoncé-designed baby stroller? Yes please.

Queen Bey is no stranger to selling products with names that are important to her. VH1 reported that back in 2006, Beyoncé and her mother, Tina Lawson, launched House of Deréon, a fashion line that offered casual and formal clothing options for women and girls until it folded in 2012. The name was inspired by Beyoncé's grandmother. Since then, Bey has launched IVY PARK, an active wear brand in collaboration with Topshop, and the name seems to be connected to her oldest daughter, Blue Ivy.

So it makes total sense that if Bey is trying to trademark the names of her newest twins, she's probably planning something pretty big. Rumi and Sir baby food? Rumi and Sir pacifiers? Rumi and Sir lemonade stand? I'm here for all of it.

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But there's another reason to assume Bey is planning on some Rumi and Sir baby products. According to In Touch Weekly, Tina Lawson, Beyoncé's mother, wrote in an Instagram post how proud she was of her daughter and that everyone should "see what amazing new announcement she’s about to make." Does that amazing new announcement include tiny little onesies and glamorous crib bedding?

If Beyoncé is going to sell Rumi and Sir baby products, it's too early to start pre-ordering. E! News reported on June 26 that the Carters had finally brought the babies home after they were kept in the hospital for "an extended period of time." I'm sure Bey, JAY, and Blue Ivy are all still trying to settle in before they take over the world with Rumi and Sir products, but if there's one thing Beyoncé always does, it's blow people away. I wouldn't be surprised if she had an entire Rumi and Sir baby product line available by holiday time. (Fingers crossed.)