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Bryan Is The One To Beat On 'The Bachelorette'

by Kathleen Walsh

Our nation's current Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, is one of the most graceful, intelligent, and well-spoken contestants the show has seen in quite some time, which is why fans all care (a lot) about who she ends up with at the end of this romantic journey. But there's one contestant who seems to be a very strong contender. So will Bryan win The Bachelorette? Despite the fact that Peter is the fan-favorite, Bryan is looking more and more like the eventual winner. So if you're asking me, I'm gonna go with the B-Man, which is a clever nickname I just made up. (You're welcome.)

As usual, the first half of the season was devoted to various, let's call them goofy, guys and all of their dramatic in-fighting. Luckily, the show finally got rid of the "Tickle Monster," the Whaboom guy, and one interesting specimen who described his perfect date with Rachel as lying in his bed with the door closed. As the oddballs have been weeded out, viewers now left with more serious contenders, and Bryan has seen a sudden surge in popularity over these past few episodes. If you can remember that far back, Bryan won the first impression rose. After that fans saw very little of him until his giddily romantic one-on-one with Rachel in Oslo, Norway. I say giddy mostly because they kissed in the middle of the freaking air as they were rappelling off of a 187-foot ski jump. As you do.

Paul Hebert/ABC

Several times during this date, Rachel described Bryan as "too good to be true." In my opinion, when your only major misgiving about a guy is that he's perfect and amazing and makes your heart do somersaults and you feel like kissing him while literally 200 feet in the air, it's pretty much game over. Bryan is a little bit older than the other guys on the show at 37, and he's a doctor, which means that he's moving at Rachel's speed career-wise. He also may or may not have been on another dating show previously. But, given the venue, is that really something anyone can judge him for? Personally, I do not. One thing that Rachel really seems to dig about him is his smooth-talking confidence. Whatever else you want to say about him, Bryan definitely seems comfortable in his own skin. While that may give the other dudes in the house pause, it seems to be exactly what Rachel is looking for.

Obviously, I am not a soothsayer and I cannot tell you for sure that Bryan is the one who's going to give Rachel that Neil Lane ring at the end of all this. But that also doesn't mean that I'm wrong either.