Will Chip & Joanna Gaines Have More Kids?

One of the most enjoyable things about Chip and Joanna Gaines' show Fixer Upper is the couple's four sweet kids. The Gaines' children often make appearances on the show, and many viewers are drawn to the show's strong family dynamic. Given how close-knit and happy the family appears on television, some fans have wondered if Chip and Joanna Gaines will have more kids.

The Gaines family is an open book. You kind of have to be forthcoming when you're on a reality show, right? In a 2016 interview with The Huffington Post, the Gaineses demonstrated the candidness viewers have come to know and love when they discussed the possibility of having more children. In the conversation, the two teased and joked about whether viewers can expect baby number five anytime soon, a prospect that they haven't seemed to close the door on just yet. In the interview, 39-year-old Joanna joked that she was trying to "talk" 42-year-old Chip into having another child, according to The Today Show. But Joanna said Chip wasn't as "interested" in adding another baby to the mix despite the fact that he chanted "Num-ber-five! Num-ber-five!," while Joanna explained the situation to the audience. The Gaineses are already parents to Emmie, 6, Duke, 8, Ella, 9, and Drake, 11.

Although the Gaineses were somewhat coy about expanding their family during the interview, Joanna was more forthright with People when discussing her desire to have another child. Joanna said:

I look at life as the more the better. If I found out we were having another baby, I would be really excited. We like a full plate. That's just how Chip and I operate.

Well, truer words have never been spoken in terms of the Gaineses having a "full plate." In addition to raising four growing kids and starring in Season 5 of Fixer Upper, Dallas News reported in January 2017 that Chip was getting his own store at The Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas. Prior to the news, Chip's products, including work shirts, hats, and small tools were sold in a small corner of the market. In a nice twist of fate for Chip, his goods will now be sold out of huge store within the popular shopping destination. Considering this transition will be a big undertaking, it's hard to imagine adding another kid to the family amid the Gaines' growing businesses. That being said, Chip is definitely skilled at juggling multiple projects.

As for Joanna, she's just as busy as Chip. According to Country Living, she and Chip purchased Waco's historic Elite Café with plans to transform it into a restaurant sometime in 2017. Joanna will reportedly be a big part of the endeavor, taking part in everything from the restaurant's menu to its decor, according to Southern Living. It's safe to say Joanna will be especially busy throughout the rest of the year. Even though its possible for Joanna to take on a new baby during this exciting project, it's also likely she might wait to conceive during a less hectic time.

All projects aside, Chip and Joanna appear to be great parents. Similarly to many American families, the Gaineses are doing the best they can for their kids while they work and continue to build a stable financial foundation for their futures. Although it remains to be seen if the Gaineses will add another baby to their family sometime during the next few years, fans can rest assured that they'll be able to take the new adventure on no matter what the circumstances may be.