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'The Bachelor' May Have Found Its New Villain

Nick Viall has finally been chosen as the new Bachelor and although most of the dozen women competing for him are there for him, it doesn't mean that they're all good for him. And in a world of Chads, a la The Bachelorette, will Corinne be The Bachelor villain? Corinne Olympios was pretty memorable, right off the bat, with her parents waiting on her and the nanny who still caters to her every need. The general consensus is that Nick is good looking and confident and for most of the women on Season 21 of The Bachelor, that is what's drawn them to him. But if Corinne is the new Bachelor villain, then who is she really there for?

In the past, the season villains of these kinds of shows have a tendency to be performers in real life, which means they may have their eye on more than just Nick's heart. These people are quick to welcome product promotion on their social media accounts, so being the villain of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette means getting enough attention to garner some notoriety once the show is over. And since Corinne seems to really love being in the spotlight so far, she could very well end up creating unnecessary drama to keep the focus on her.

It's normal for the women of The Bachelor to be competitive because, at the end of the day (or, season), they are all competing with each other. But when it gets to the point where someone is being overtly territorial with a man that they all barely know, it starts to melt into the villain title. When you're competing with 29 other women for one guy, it typically doesn't take long for the claws to come out and for Corinne on The Bachelor, she made some enemies in just the first episode.

She Interrupted Someone Else's Time With Nick

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Corinne's first mistake was popping over to interrupt one of Nick's first one-on-one private interactions with a contestant who hadn't had much time with him yet. And as Corinne has already gotten her fair share of time and he still had 15 more women to meet with at that point, it was a cold move. Bold, no doubt, but also pretty shady.

She Was The First To Kiss Nick

Obviously at some point, someone has to be the first to kiss Nick, but the way Corinne went about it, on the first night no less, made her an instant target with a lot of the women in the house. Not only did she kiss Nick after she pulled him away from another woman, but then she gloated about it in the house, asking another contestant if she'd also kissed the Bachelor yet.

She's Obviously Used To Getting Whatever She Wants

The first time viewers meet Corinne, she's floating in a pool near her family's Miami home, and then we see her being waited on by her parents and her nanny. That's right, at 24 years old, this Bachelor contestant still has someone who she calls her nanny. Going into the Bachelor mansion as an entitled rich girl will not bode well for her relationships within the house.

She's Quick To Judge The Other Women

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One of the only times you don't see Corinne talking about her kiss with Nick or stalking him as he sits with another woman, she's seen talking about the beloved Shark Girl, Alexis, who is dressed up in what is supposed to be a dolphin suit. (But let's be honest, it's definitely a shark.) When contemplating on what will happen when the contestant finally takes off the costume, Corinne said, "Hopefully it's just not a trainwreck under there." Obviously the women of The Bachelor don't have to be BFFs and make lifelong friendships, but being able to be cordial and mature with each other is what keeps you from becoming the house villain.

She Isn't Shy About Not Caring What Any Of The Other Women Think

After Corinne kisses Nick in the Bachelor Season 21 premiere, she says on more than one occasion that what the other women think doesn't matter because, in her own words, "I always go after what I want." Now, that's a valid point, that she isn't there to please any of the other women, but these are also women who have to live in the same house with her and go on group date outings with her, so at least getting along could go a long way in keeping the peace. But something tells me that Corinne probably couldn't care less about keeping the peace, as long as she makes the connection with Nick.

So does this mean that Corinne could be the Bachelor villain this season? So far, she's the top contender for the rarely coveted, but weirdly welcomed position. Something tells me we'll find out soon enough.