Will Dru From 'Despicable Me 3' Get A Spinoff?

by Casey Suglia

In 2010, Despicable Me was released and the world was forever changed. Seven years and one spin off series later, Despicable Me is on its third official sequel. In the new film, Despicable Me 3, evil genius Gru finally meets his long lost twin brother, Dru Gru. There is a lot to like about Dru and sooner or later fans will want to know if Dru from Despicable Me 3 will get a spinoff as well.

When Despicable Me was released in 2010, no one predicted that the lovable Minions would take over the world and your kid's toy box at the same time. Now, seven years later, Despicable Me 3 is introducing yet another hilarious character for kids to obsess over and for families to fall in love with: Dru, Gru's lovable blond-haired brother, who also happens to be voiced by Steve Carell. Dru is vastly different in terms of personality than Gru, but he still possesses the desire to be a super villain (something about which Gru knows a thing or two). Despite their differences, in the new film, the two brothers eventually join forces to get back a stolen diamond from villain and former '80s child star Baltazar Bratt.

Dru is a new character to the franchise with a backstory worth telling — and some people believe that his story is worthy of its own film.

Dru getting his own film isn't necessarily out of the question. Carell has continued to express his love for the film series, which could mean that he is hopeful for a future of voicing Dru. Carrell told The Mercury News that he could see why the film series has been such an overwhelming success. "I thought the first movie was funny and charming and really had a warmth to it. It had heart without being overly sentimental."

Carrell also told Variety that the filmmakers continue to expand Gru's world (which could mean Gru's world hasn't expanded all the way) and even admitted to Access Hollywood that he sometimes can't get the voice of Gru out of his head. All of this is a good sign for another film. After all, what is a Dru spinoff without the man who plays him?

Right now, Universal Studios, which produces the Despicable Me film series has not yet announced any plans for a spinoff and Carrell is not tied to any upcoming Despicable Me project. But that doesn't mean there won't be a Dru spinoff either. The film's writers, Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio certainly haven't ruled it out. "I will never say never," Paul told Variety. "I would like to watch more."

There is plenty of content for writers to work on for a fourth film, according to Vox, as Despicable Me 3 leaves audiences with "a lot to look forward to". Fans shouldn't hold their breath for an immediate Dru spinoff, but don't be surprised if he shows up again in a few years. If Gru had two films to tell his story, then Dru deserves the same.