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Hannah's Baby May Appear In The 'Girls' Finale

Girls has been finishing strong in its final few episodes leading up to the series finale on Sunday, April 16, powering through Hannah's pregnancy with a series of time jumps in the last two episodes. While it initially seemed like she'd spend more time mulling over the decision to carry her pregnancy to term, the series quickly jumped to showing her with a sizable baby bump, well into her second trimester, working out the complex problem of who would make up her support system. So will Hannah have her baby in the Girls finale? There are a couple of big clues that point to yes.

It seems all but a foregone conclusion by this point that Hannah won't be co-parenting her child with anyone. (As we learn in Episode 9, "Goodbye Tour," the baby is a boy!) Paul-Louis, the baby's father, doesn't want to be involved. Adam and Hannah briefly thought about co-parenting together, but that plan lost steam inside of a day. And Elijah can't act as bestie/co-parent either, now that Hannah has moved upstate to pursue a university teaching job. But two huge clues point to the fact that Hannah has the baby in the finale, and that there will likely be more time jumps.

Mark Schafer/HBO

First, and this is arguably the biggest giveaway, the series finale is titled "Latching." The nod to breastfeeding is obvious, and perhaps points to an iteration of the classic motherhood coming of age scene in which Hannah struggles with getting her baby to latch in the hospital (or, possibly, one in which she feels a surge of maternal attachment getting her baby to latch successfully!). It also implies that this attachment will be what finally grounds her, after six seasons of drifting, emotional instability, and romantic turmoil.

The other big giveaway is the fact that we see her bump-less in production stills from the series finale. However, she also appears to be pants-less, outside, at night, speaking to a character we've never seen before, so it's possible that the scene might be from some sort of dream or flashback or flash-forward sequence. But more likely than not, the birth of Hannah's baby will be hugely symbolic to the series, which began about four friends in their early 20s on the precipice of adulthood and will end with one woman's wobbly foray into single motherhood on the cusp of her 30s. It's hard to believe we'd be speeding through Hannah's pregnancy at such a clip if not to introduce us to Baby Horvath in the series' final moments.