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Fans Are Worried About Connor's Fate On 'HTGAWM'

Somehow, all of the Keating Four made it through the first half of How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 virtually unscathed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we can start counting them all safe. The winter finale saw the return of Wes' killer, Dominic, who overheard Connor recount everything the gang has done this season. Does this mean Connor's life is now in danger, and if so, will Jack Falahee leave HTGAWM? Connor has had his best season so far, which would make losing him that much more difficult for fans to deal with.

But Falahee himself apparently has some big plans for Connor on HTGAWM moving forward, so it doesn't seem likely when you look at it that way. "I have one idea [for Connor] that is a very big idea, but it would play out, I think, in like the fifth season," Falahee told ScreenerTV back in March 2017. "But he’s [executive producer Pete Nowalk] been open to it. That’s all I’ll say about that."

While that doesn’t say much about Connor's current situation, it does indicate that Nowalk and Falahee both see a future for Connor that extends beyond Season 4, so Dominic’s looming presence might mean another of the Keating Four is in trouble, or that they’ll be able to target him sooner or later, since it's clear that Laurel knows who her father uses to do his dirty work.

At the beginning of Season 4, I might have said that killing Connor off could happen. As it stood, he’d dropped out of law school and seemed to have lost his sense of purpose. But as he started working with Annalise, Connor suddenly seemed happy and for the first time in the entire series, he was working toward something he actually cared about. Why send him down this new and exciting path is nothing was going to become of it?

Luckily, Falahee seemed confident enough at the end of Season 3 to already be talking about Connor's potential Season 5 plans, so it’s probably safe to say that he’s going to make it through the season again this time around. Don’t underestimate Dominic, though, because he was likely shown in the winter finale for a reason. Somehow that story is going to have to wrap up and I don’t think Season 4 is going to end without another dead body, but that could end up being Dominic himself.

There’s the off chance that Falahee could leave HTGAWM in another way besides a body bag, but according to his IMDB profile, there are no new TV projects for him in the near future, leaving him wide open to continue on as Connor. And from the beginning, fans have loved Connor, so letting Falahee go so soon after Alfred Enoch (Wes) would not be in the best interest of the show overall.

If Falahee’s own hopes for his character are any indication, though, Dominic will likely set his sights on someone else. Of the remaining core characters still on the series, the best case scenario is that Dominic goes after Frank and ends up dead instead. That, or the unthinkable happens and Dominic sets his sights on Oliver. Though if the storyline about Laurel’s dad is going to be wrapped up by the end of the season, it almost has to end with Dominic being dead, right? Otherwise, none of the Keating Four could ever truly feel safe with Wes' killer roaming around.

They know too much at this point, and now, thanks to overhearing Connor's phone call, Dominic knows that they know everything. This realization can only lead to more death. I only hope it's in the form of Dominic and not Connor.

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