Will 'Jane The Virgin' Change Its Title? Season 3 Is Switching Things Up

The day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. On Monday night's episode of Jane the Virgin, Jane will finally swipe her V-card and be a virgin no more. And while there's been a lot of times when it seemed Jane may finally do the deed in the past, Jennie Synder Urman, the executive producer of the show, has confirmed that this episode will be the episode. However, if Jane loses her virginity this week, will Jane the Virgin change it's title? The answer is a little more complicated than a simple yes/no response. During an interview with reporters at a recent screening, Urman explained her plan for the title once Jane and Michael seal the deal, so to speak.

"We're keeping the title but with changes," Urman revealed, adding:

It'll still say Jane the Virgin, but then there will be a line through virgin. Then, depending on what we're putting on top that might say, 'Jane the Guilty Catholic' or 'Jane the Person Who Doesn't Like Her Mom's New Boyfriend.' It's a way, to me, of identifying people [who] are so much more than sex.

So although the official title of the show will not change, each week the show will have fun playing with the title to give a hint about what the episode will be about. One of the greatest aspects of Jane the Virgin is the narration and playful text and explanations often get written on the screen. So adding this new element is just another way to make the show even more fun.


We can expect the change to begin with the fourth episode of Season 3 and continue on from there. Therefore, Monday's night episode is the last time we'll see the title as we've come to know it, which is fitting since it will also be the last time Jane will be virgin. Now that Michael and Jane are married and Michael has been cleared to do physical activity, Jane and Michael are more than a little excited to consummate their marriage. However, as is always the case on this show, that's easier said than done.

Based on the preview for the episode alone, it's clear Jane and Michael are going to have a difficult time finding some alone time to finally consummate their marriage thanks in large part to Rogelio showing up at their new house. Still, Urman has promised that it definitely will happen, but hasn't guaranteed it'll be the perfect moment Jane wants it to be. But then again, who's first time is ever really perfect? Whatever way it ends up happening for Jane, we're just glad she's getting to share this moment with the man she loves.

Make sure to tune into Jane the Virgin on Monday night at 9 p.m. ET to see Jane's big night finally come to pass.