Jinger & Jeremy Are Moving To California, So Will They Still Be On 'Counting On'?

TLC's Counting On has been following the lives of the grown Duggar siblings over the span of four years. Since the start, fans have watched Jinger Duggar and her siblings get married, have kids, and live their lives in front of TV cameras. But Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are now going through some life changes: they're moving to California and further away from the Duggar family in Arkansas. So, it's only natural for fans to wonder whether Jinger and Jeremy will be on Counting On Season 10? Although they might have expressed their apprehension to appear on the show in the past, fans will likely see them on the next season.

During the finale of Counting On Season 9, which aired last month, fans watched John David Duggar marry his fiancé, Abby Grace Burnett, with all of his siblings in attendance, according to InTouch Weekly. It ended the season with a bang, but led many to wonder about the other Duggar siblings and their own storylines on the show.

Throughout Season 9 of Counting On, fans have watched Jinger and her husband settle down in their home in Laredo, Texas as first time parents, which has been exciting. The next season of the show will not only focus on their lives as parents, but their upcoming move to Los Angeles, California, where Jeremy will be pursuing graduate studies, according to People.

And during an appearance on the podcast, Behind The Scenes with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, Jeremy and Jinger confirmed they're still filming for the TLC cameras, but admitted that they had their doubts about filming in the past.

During the interview, conducted by former Little People, Big World stars Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, Jeremy stated that he was reluctant to be on camera when he first started courting Jinger and even after he married her.

"Entering the realm of reality TV at all was an adjustment," Jeremy said on the podcast. "I didn't know what to expect. We didn't know if we were going to keep filming, we didn't know — 'OK, we'll get married, we'll move to Laredo.' And that would be it. We didn't know the involvement that we'd be doing."

But once they made the decision to let the Counting On cameras document their lives, they were content with their decision. "It would be easy to say 'Shut off the cameras. We're just going to live our life and not display this moment,'" Jeremy added. "But we felt, 'Let's put it on display, and show what a marriage is in this day and age.'"

And the couple has done just that. Fans have watched them grow together on the show — from the time they got married on Nov. 5, 2016 to the time they welcomed their first child together on July 19 last year.

And fans will be with them for their next major milestone when they move to Los Angeles this July, according to People. This is something that fans will definitely want to tune in to — especially since Jinger will be the only one out of her 19 siblings who will no longer live in or near their home state of Arkansas.

Their journey thus far has been nothing short of exciting, and luckily fans will be able to continue on their journey with them in the next season of Counting On.