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One Amazing Way Jon Snow Could Learn His Targaryen Lineage On 'GoT'

It's been all of four Game of Thrones episodes since the long-awaited reveal of Jon Snow's true parentage at the end of Season 6. The confirmation of the longstanding "R + L = J" theory made a lot of fans pretty excited for the following season, but that has yet to be mentioned at all in Season 7. Now that Jon and Daenerys have finally met, fans are anxious for him to prove his Targaryen lineage. So will Jon Snow ever ride a dragon on Game of Thrones? It seems only appropriate, considering who his father is (Rhaegar Targaryen). Moreover, having a dragon would be pretty useful in fighting the oncoming White Walker horde.

Personally, it's difficult for me to picture Jon, with his stiff and brooding nature, fitting into the fiery and power-hungry Targaryen clan. That being said, while he's nothing like the Mad King or Daenerys' horrible brother Viserys, he does bear some resemblance to his father Rhaegar, who by most accounts was the most generous, intelligent, attractive, and overall most perfect person ever to have lived, ever. Jon, being the show's resident Good Guy, would probably have gotten along pretty well with Rhaegar. It seems like Jon will have to learn the truth about his parents at some point soon — though how exactly is still up in the air. But what better way is there to learn than by discovering that you share a special connection with dragons?

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At the end of last season, fans got busy speculating that a reunion would happen for the three Stark kids left — Bran, Sansa, and Arya — plus Jon. Other than the audience, Bran's the only one who knows that Rhaegar and Lyanna are Jon's parents, so he would have to be the one to tell Jon about it. Most of us would consider that a pretty important bit of information, but Bran doesn't seem like he's in any hurry to tell anyone; he's too busy with seeing all of time and space and being ungrateful to poor Meera Reed.

But while it might be some time yet before anyone who isn't a psychic raven finds out about Jon, that doesn't necessarily prevent all forward momentum with the storyline. In all the time that Jon's been on Dragonstone this season, he has yet to actually come face-to-face with any of the dragons. Depending on how Drogon, Rhaegal, and Verserion act when they meet him — if they're friendly to him, if they obey his commands — they could provide a hint to the characters about who he really is.

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Though the fact that Jon is a Targaryen doesn't necessarily grant him a dragon-riding license, there's another clue from the books that suggests he'll be getting one. In the second book of the series, A Clash of Kings, Dany has a vision of Rhaegar telling her, that "the dragon has three heads." Most fans interpret this as both a reference to the Targaryen house sigil — a three-headed dragon — and a suggestion that all three of Dany's dragons must have their own rider. Assuming Jon and Dany are each one head of that dragon, it's only a matter of time before a third one emerges — Tyrion Targaryen, anyone?

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