Craig Sjodin/ABC

Fans Want To Hear From Jordan At 'Men Tell All'

There's always at least one villain on The Bachelorette. And on Becca's season, that honor went to loud-mouthed and malaprop-happy male model, Jordan. So now that the season is coming to an end, fans want to know if Jordan will be at the Men Tell All special. The Bachelorette contestant has caused a lot of drama this season, so I wouldn't be surprised.

Judging by the promo for Men Tell All, Jordan will indeed make an appearance. The promo doesn't show any actual footage from the special — but it does assure audiences that Jordan will be back and likely ready to drop more verbal gems like "professionality," and my personal favorite, "tick tock let's make it rock." Usually, the Men Tell All special is filmed several days or a week before airing. Apparently, the show followed its usual schedule for this season, and Becca's Men Tell All was filmed last weekend. So as not to give away any finale spoilers, neither Blake nor Garrett will be on the special. But Jordan definitely will be.

While it's not certain, I wouldn't be surprised if Chris Harrison calls Jordan up to the hot seat. I mean, Jordan was a huge drama magnet this season so I don't doubt Chris Harrison wants to hear what he has to say. Seeing as Becca will also be reuniting with the guys attending, she may have some words for him as well.

I compare Jordan to a few different contestants that have appeared on The Bachelorette throughout the years. The one that comes to mind first is Lucas Yancey, aka "Whaboom," who went on Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette. His schtick wasn't talking about his model career like Jordan, but he did have a penchant for made-up words, even if it was just one: "whaboom." Whaboom went on Men Tell All and apparently performed a song that never made it to air. He later admitted he went on The Bachelorette for fame which surprised exactly zero people.

Like many, let's say, *offbeat* contestants before him, Jordan will be on Bachelor in Paradise. So, this certainly won't be the last time the male model is on fans' TV screens. Not only that, but Jordan's Bachelorette nemesis, David, is going to Paradise too. Hopefully, the two won't be bickering the whole time so viewers can see them fall in love at a Mexican resort! (Though, sadly, probably not with each other). According to an interview with the Citrus County Chronicle, Jordan actually does find love in Paradise. "In Paradise, you get to see the other side, the actual human being I am," he said. "I’m not really obsessed with myself...I do find someone for me in Paradise. It ends on a very good note."

Aww! I'm actually happy for Jordan, and excited to see another side of him. Since he's not "fighting" for one woman, so to speak, he may focus on having fun and being himself. Viewers will have to wait a few more weeks to see that, though. First up is Men Tell All, where Jordan will have to explain himself and his "professionality." If nothing else, I'm sure Bachelor Nation will hear a funny one-liner or two from him. I'm more concerned with the real dirt (like hearing from Jason, who was just eliminated on the show). But I'll make it through Jordan's appearance and hold out for Paradise.