Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Will Jubilee Be The 2016 'Bachelorette'? Fans Are Rooting For Her

This season of The Bachelor had a lot of incredible women. One that stood out to me — and fans — was Jubilee Sharpe. Jubilee, a war veteran, brought something different to The Bachelor. She was nervous, honest, challenging, and as Chris Harrison put it during the "Women Tell All," complicated. Well, guess what? There's nothing wrong with being "complicated." We're all complicated — which is why people probably identified with Jubilee so much. Now, people are rooting for Jubilee to be the 2016 Bachelorette, so listen up producers — the people have spoken.

Jubilee's time on The Bachelor was rocky. She was an outcast in the house, although the reasoning never became clear. From what I could tell, Jubilee was reserved. She was also awkward. She didn't know how to be on a reality show, and because of those nerves, she said things that were taken out of context by the other women and used against her. For instance, when Ben invited Jubilee on a helicopter date, Jubilee said that she was terrified of heights and joked that she was willing to give someone else her date. For that small comment, Jubilee was attacked.

Jubilee never made herself look bad as much as the other women made themselves look bad for criticizing her. She didn't seem to fall into the drama of the show — even though it surrounded her. She challenged Ben on their dates, something that rarely happens on the show, but happens all the time in real life. That's just one of many reasons fans want more of Jubilee, in the form of the next Bachelorette.

Clearly, Jubilee is a fan-favorite when it comes to choosing the next Bachelorette. And while it's great that the fans want her to be The Bachelorette, she also has to agree to the gig (and ABC has to offer it to her, but that's just logistics, right?). So what are Jubilee's thought on the possible new role? She hasn't spoken directly about the possibility of being the star of the summer reality show, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't like to do it. Although, if we want to really read in between the lines, she did thank a fan for rooting for her to be the next Bachelorette, so maybe she's into it.

Jubilee spoke out at "The Women Tell All" that she felt like she was hard to love. That's certainly not the case, since many have fallen in love with her just from her short time on the show, but that seems like it could be the perfect lead in for her introduction into the starring role. Ben's big thing coming into The Bachelor was that he felt unlovable. Let's show Jubilee that she's very easy to love, producers! If you don't believe me, believe Amy Schumer, who is also supporting Jubilee.