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Krystal's Time On 'The Bachelor' Is Almost Up... Right?!

Everyone was surprised and a little annoyed when Corinne made it all the way to the hometown dates on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor and now everyone's a little nervous that the same thing will happen again in Arie's season. So will Krystal make it to hometown dates on The Bachelor? I am not a soothsayer nor a spoiler-hound, so I can't tell you for sure. But I have watched this show a lot and based on my experience, I can tell you what I think is going to happen.

Krystal's reputation as this season's official "villain" has been growing in strength with each episode. She's got all the makings of a perfect TV bad guy. She's somehow filled with both false confidence and false modesty, she talks down to the other women, she says women in general don't like her because they're jealous, and she treats Arie with a possessiveness that would have been a little too much even if the two of them were already engaged. But she kicked it up a notch during Week 5, when she threw a full-on fit after the bowling group date. Arie was originally only going to invite only the winning bowling team to the second part of the date, but changed his mind at the last minute and let everyone come instead.

Krystal reacted by boycotting the cocktail party altogether, and chose to stay in her room in a bathrobe (though with hair and makeup still perfect). The move worked insomuch as it got Arie to come up and check on her, but backfired when, instead of begging her to come back down, Arie told her she should probably stay where she was. But somehow she got another rose and is sticking around for another week. What is it going to take to let this woman go?

Arie himself has been writing a blog about the show for People, and in it he tries to explain why he gave Krystal a rose even though she's the worst. "She told me she was stressed and made a mistake and got angry. I’ve made mistakes and been upset about things I shouldn’t have been upset about. We all do that, it’s human," he said, though admitting that her behavior was a red flag. He also said that the two really had connected in Scottsdale and he wasn't quite ready to give up that connection just yet. I sort of understand this, since sure, everybody's human. But still, it was a petty move for her to make.

On Nick's season, Corinne was the designated villain just like Krystal is this season, but she stuck around for a really long time. Nick himself gave a little insight into why he kept her around for so long on his Twitter, writing, "Some people weren’t happy I kept Corrine (sic) around so long, but she at least made you laugh and didn’t take herself too seriously. Krystal doesn’t even have a nanny. Like whateves." The "nanny" comment is in reference to Corinne's often discussed nanny Raquel (as in, a nanny for Corinne, not a small child) who would make her "cheese pasta."

Now, I definitely don't endorse the idea of a fully grown woman being taken care of by a nanny, but I have to admit that Corinne was entertaining. Like all those times she napped through farming dates or rose ceremonies. Krystal is sort of entertaining in her own way too, though her shtick is starting to wear on me a bit. I think I have about enough in me to handle one more week of Krystal, but any more than that and I'm going to be annoyed.

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