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Meghan Markle's Due Date Is Getting Closer, So Will She Have A Baby Shower?

There are quite a few things Meghan Markle has had to adjust to in her new life as a member of the royal family. Some things she’s even had to give up, like her social media accounts and the ability to control her own schedule. But there’s one common tradition surrounding her pregnancy that fans are likely wondering if she’ll be able to take part in: Will Meghan Markle have a baby shower and, if so, will it be a full royal affair?

It’s actually pretty unlikely that Markle — who is due to give birth in April, according to People — will have any kind of baby shower, as ABC News explained. An expert on the royal family spoke to the outlet on the matter when Kate Middleton was pregnant in 2013 and Victoria Arbiter explained that a "lavish baby shower would be seen as highly inappropriate." She added, "There’s nothing they can’t go out and buy themselves."

However, as Harper’s Bazaar noted, technically there’s nothing stopping Markle’s friends from hosting a party, should they decide to throw her some kind of celebration as her due date near — it just might be one that forgoes gifts. “I would not be surprised if the Duchess of Sussex’s American and Canadian friends might do something and throw her a shower, thus maintaining the North American tradition," royal expert, Marlene Koenig, told the publication.

If you recall, for their wedding, Markle and Prince Harry asked guests to donate to charity rather than bringing gifts, according to InStyle, so it's possible something like that could be done again if a small shower was in the plans.

Similar to U.S. politicians, as Town & Country reported, small gifts given to the royal family have to be declared, though the policy applies to gifts received while on official duty. The gifts that have to be given back are those that they receive in a non-official capacity, usually by businesses, according to The Royal Household.

The official policy reads: “The fundamental principle governing the acceptance of gifts by Members of The Royal Family is that no gifts, including hospitality or services, should be accepted which would, or might appear to, place the Member of The Royal Family under any obligation to the donor."

So while some people think baby shower gifts from friends would fall into a grey area, it seems pretty clear that small personal tokens would be fine.

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As for what the expectant parents are planning? Prince Harry and Markle have reportedly opted not to find out the baby’s sex before the birth and are apparently hard at work planning the nursery, according to The Mirror. They’re reportedly thinking of using a very modern grey and white color scheme, as The Sun reported, which sounds relaxing and sophisticated.

The royal baby's room will be in the couple's new home at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, as Vanity Fair reported, which was also include "a playroom and a spare bedroom" for Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, when she visits.

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The little one will also be quite safe since the home will include security windows and a state-of-the-art camera system, according to Vanity Fair. And don’t forget a brand-new stereo system to pipe relaxing music (or "Baby Shark" on repeat) all throughout the home. A friend reportedly told the publication that because "Harry loves his gadgets" he and Markle apparently plan "to able to control everything from their smart phones.”

Sounds like this royal baby is being planned for with a lot of forethought and love. So whether or not an actual baby shower happens for the Duchess of Sussex, it seems the Prince Harry and Markle will be fully prepared for their future prince or princess to arrive this spring.