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Mindy & Ben's Marriage Is Suffering On 'The Mindy Project'

Marriage is never easy. Most of the time it can be downright difficult. But even during those days when you're driving each other up the wall, you know deep down that this is who you want to be with. Or, at least, that should be the underlying consensus in your head. But in the case of Mindy Lahiri's marriage, there only seems to be one person invested in this marriage. (Hint: it isn't Mindy.) Yes, by the end of the Season 6 premiere, many fans will be wondering if Mindy and Ben will get divorced on The Mindy Project at some point in time. And the answer to that question is, sadly, a resounding yes.

Prior to the return of this beloved series for its sixth and final season, Entertainment Weekly revealed that Mindy is definitely getting divorced before the show wraps up. Suffice to say, that more than proves that Mindy and Ben's relationship is not long for this world and the premiere episode "Is That All There Is" made that fact abundantly clear. Not only did Mindy seem somewhat drone-like when it came to spending time with her husband, but it also took her two full days to realize that he wasn't there. (He had stuffed pillows in his side of the bed.) And even when she promised to hang out with him after work no matter what, viewers watched as she slowly drifted off to sleep on the office couch.

Suffice to say, when it comes to priorities, marriage isn't at the top of Mindy's list.

So we know they're having problems. We know it will result in an eventual divorce. We don't, however, know exactly when it's going to happen. I have a feeling though that this is going to expand throughout multiple episodes though, with Mindy slowly realizing that she's unhappy with her marriage. Ben is well aware things are not how they should be when it comes to their relationship, though he could still be somewhat in denial in the hopes that things will get better.

I don't know how exactly it will play out. Will he leave her? Will she leave him? Will it be because of her indifferent behavior towards him or due to the fact that Danny is coming back into the picture, perhaps reminding her of how happy she once was? For now, that's difficult to say, but I'm very interested to see where this is going. I'm less interested in seeing poor Ben's heart get broken.

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