Will Olivia Be On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? She Hasn't Ruled It Out

Former news anchor Olivia Caridi may have been the villain on this season of The Bachelor, thanks to being totally unafraid to stir up the drama in the Bachelor mansion — something she’s now admitted probably hurt her chances at having a proper relationship with Ben. But as one of this season’s most intriguing contestants, it’s only natural to wonder: will Olivia be on Bachelor In Paradise? The 23-year-old had a chance to defend her behavior on the show during The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, and, according to a post-show interview she did with Glamour, it sounds like Olivia is definitely over any residual heartbreak. She told the magazine:

I don't think we were meant for each other, no matter how many times I professed my love...I believe that it ended the way it was going to anyway.

Fun to watch on TV plus no longer pining over the man she was once in love with? That sounds like the formula for an ideal Bachelor In Paradise contestant to me! Olivia hasn’t actually said whether or not she’d be interested in being on the show, but she did say that she’d entertain the idea of doing something, so long as it wasn’t another season of The Bachelor, or being The Bachelorette (a gig that has reportedly already been given to Caila Quinn anyway). On her reality TV future, Olivia told Entertainment Tonight:

Not in that realm. I would do, like, a cooking show or something, but no, not [The Bachelorette].

Bachelor Nation may still have to wait to find out whether or not Olivia will be headed to the the spin-off show, but there are a few more contestants that will probably at least be offered a chance on the show — and one who has already said yes. According to E! News, Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss confirmed that Lace Morris will be on the show (the other most-talked-about woman on this season). And, according to Buddy TV, Bachelor host Chris Harrison has offered up his own suggestions about who should be on the show:

Obviously, the twins I think would be great in Paradise. I think Jubilee would be great in Paradise. I think this is a really good dynamic group of women that were kind of strong, independent, smart, funny, and obviously beautiful. So I think we've got probably 10 or 15 girls you could pull out this season and bring to Paradise.

As for Harrison’s thoughts on Olivia? He’s definitely in favor of her joining the cast:

[Olivia] would be wonderful in Bachelor in Paradise...And yes, she's definitely someone that I would hope will join us.

Speculating about the potential Bachelor In Paradise cast is important of course, but even more important? Trying to figure out who Ben is finally going to pick during next week’s finale (and also, trying to determine what Harrison’s observation that Ben “pulls at least a three-quarter Mesnick” actually means!).