'Pretty Little Mamas' Could Still Return To MTV (But Probably Not)

by Chrissy Bobic

After two episodes of MTV’s newest reality show about young moms, Pretty Little Mamas, aired there were plenty of fans ready to follow these young mothers' stories. But in the week following the second episode, there was a rerun of Floribama Shore on instead of a new episode, which led some fans to ask, will Pretty Little Mamas be back on MTV? There hasn't been an official cancellation announcement, so right now, the show could come back, but there aren't any future showtimes listed on MTV’s schedule, so Pretty Little Mamas' fate is up in the air. MTV did not immediately respond to Romper's request for comment.

Pretty Little Mamas followed a group of five 20-something moms in San Diego who just happen to be best friends. As they deal with figuring out their professional lives, they also have small children to raise and romantic relationships to untangle. It has all the ingredients of another successful young mom docuseries, but suddenly, after its September 6 episode aired, Pretty Little Mamas was pulled from the air. The official social media accounts for the show haven’t been updated since then either. This led fans on Twitter to wonder where the show was and if Pretty Little Mamas is cancelled.

Around the time the show was pulled from TV, the MTV app was also scrubbed of both available episodes. There temporarily was not a page on the MTV website for Pretty Little Mamas either, though it has since been restored. Either this is a wild publicity stunt to gain attention and new fans, or something’s up. It seemed like a cancellation was on the horizon, but I can't see a clear reason why the network would choose to get rid of the show so suddenly.

Pretty Little Mamas was on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET for the two weeks it was on the air. There is a chance that MTV chose to pull it from the time slot with the intent of bringing it back on another day and time. Some TV shows, especially new ones, do better when they can coincide with other similar programs and that could be the case with Pretty Little Mamas.

It's not uncommon for networks to pull shows after just one season, but it is rare to take them off the air after two episodes without warning. This is why Pretty Little Mamas is such a unique case. It's almost as if Pretty Little Mamas never existed, which is strange since it's a brand new show that was given its own time slot. Fans on Twitter and social media questioning the sudden pull from the air prove there was at least the beginning of a growing fan base, so there was obviously some interest in the show when those two episodes aired.

Pretty Little Mamas barely had time to gain its footing, so any viewership numbers could rise if the show has a chance to progress with more episodes. The Pretty Little Mamas Season 1 trailer shows an entire season of episodes was already filmed.

There’s no obvious reason why MTV would pull the show from the air permanently but as of right now, there have been no official statements issued one way or the other. So I guess fans will just have to hold tight and see if any more info comes out in the next few weeks. Otherwise, the real story of Pretty Little Mamas could remain a mystery.