Michael Yada/ABC

Rachel Has A Lot To Talk About On The 'WTA'

For all of the drama and fighting that has gone down on Season 21 of The Bachelor, one of the good things to come of it was the announcement that Rachel is going to be the next Bachelorette. Before that though, viewers already loved the Dallas attorney who clicked with Nick from Day 1. So many fans are probably wondering: will Rachel attend The Bachelor Women Tell All special?

She is still a favorite among viewers and fans have every right to wonder if she’ll be in attendance for the big Bachelor special before the week of the finale. Luckily, Rachel will be on the Women Tell All special and although so far she hasn’t had any big emotional breakdowns or blowouts on The Bachelor, Rachel obviously doesn’t get engaged to Nick in the end.

The Women Tell All special airs Monday night after an hour-long episode of The Bachelor centered around the fantasy suites, so right before viewers see Rachel reunite with Nick, they’ll likely see how she was eliminated, with Nick narrowing down the contestants to the final two women. Of course Rachel could make it to the final two anyway and be appearing on the special simply because she’s about to be the next Bachelorette, but her elimination is inevitable either way. I'm just thankful that she will be there at all so we can get her thoughts about the season and her upcoming journey for love.

Now that it was announced that Rachel is the next Bachelorette, fans have all but checked out on any Rachel/Nick endgame possibilities and the fact that she will be on the Women Tell All special further proves that she isn’t going to be part of the final two this season. Not that anyone is really gunning for that anymore, since Rachel is getting the chance to find love on her own show, which is amazing. But ABC really surprised everyone with the announcement coming so early on in the season. I guess they just couldn’t contain their excitement.

Since filming wrapped on The Bachelor, a lot of the women became closer and have taken to their social media accounts to flaunt those friendships which are, in a word, adorable. Rachel is also one of the many who have developed BFF statuses with the likes of Alexis, Whitney, and even Corinne.

The Women Tell All special will bring them all back together in front of the camera, but what else will Rachel be on the Women Tell All special for? Something tells me that the way she goes out will be emotional and tear-filled, so this will probably help her to get some closure with Nick before embarking on any new romances in The Bachelorette, which really can't get here soon enough.